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  1. Mr. Heald said the ship is not being scrapped. But she did not actually say it would be completed. So I would think it is still a long way from being completed.
  2. If you really what to visit all the ruins, you may want to consider a week or two land based vacation. But Progreso is a great place to cruise for a short tour to see one of the ruins. We have done this several times. As for the flight from Cozumel, that is an option but I personally do not like to fly in small planes that I do not know the details about the pilot and plane. Lastly, we have sailed on the Fantasy several times and for some reason Tulum is not offer by Carnival on this ship.
  3. Just use some of the money and sit in the casino and play and drink. On deck maybe your husband can pass you a drink or two. I hope you enjoy the cruise.
  5. I suspect you will have to sign one everyday, and twice on Sunday.
  6. Ok, that might be an idea. I personally would have no interest in a casino cruise but a lot folks might. I just wonder if the cruise lines would earn enough money to make it work.
  7. Nobody, not the WHO, CDC, the president, nor Joe Biden know what will happen in the next few months. I pray like SARS, MERS, and ZIKA the virus will dissipate but if it does not there is still a lot of hospitalizations and death I agree cruising will not resume. Carnival will not make any money sailing half empty ships unless the great raise prices but right now the prices list for the late summer and fall are too low for Carnival to make money with just half the passengers.
  8. Right now those type cruises would be illegal with a foreign built/flagged ship.
  9. The new CDC statement that COVID does not spread easily on surfaces but does main spread through person to person contact may mean self service food is better than having person service.
  10. Received FTTF gift card refund, credit card excursion refunds, waiting on one more excursion and two cases of water then then I will be square and hoping June 2021 cruise makes it.
  11. Taiwan is a great example for the world. I lived there for several years it is a great country.
  12. Heald stated today that Carnival plans to start the remodel once allowed but I said on another post weeks ago that I doubt it will be completed and I still think it was very unlikely Carnival will putout any capital expenditures while they have no income. I would bet that Carnival will scrap the project and maybe the ship. All new constructions are very unlikely for the new decade.
  13. The data on mask is unclear and the scientist have changed their ideas. In March Faucci was against mask in public but has changed his thoughts. The medical literature indicates masks are not effective against the flu. There has not been enough time to actually conduct as long term studies with COVID-19 but all scientist generally again COVID-19 is more contagious than the flu. I wear a mask out of the hope it helps and in certain areas it is now required. The best hope for cruising is an accurate quick test that can be used on all staff and passengers .
  14. I said "if it's not safe to cruise without a mask, it's not safe to cruise." What I meant if that if there are still widespread outbreaks then it will not be safe to cruise. The virus spread easily through ships, not just cruse ships but also, the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. It appears this virus is so virulent that all the hand washing and cleaning cannot stop it on a ship once an outbreak starts. The data on mask are still not clear. I have been wearing a mask since mid-March in public for short periods of time because Taiwan mandated this in January and they have seem to contain the virus. I can read the medical literature that indicates basic mask cannot stop the flu virus and that prolong wearing on n-95 mask and even other type masks can cause reduced oxygen levels that can result in a number of health problems. So gain if the virus has not be abated there will be no cruising.
  15. I hope than soon a cheap reliable instant Covid test will be deveolped so all passengers and crew could be tested before sailing. I know this would not guarantee no outbreaks but it would go long way in restoring some level of confidence of the cruising public.
  16. If it is not safe to cruise without a mash, it is not safe to cruise.
  17. This is not a surprise. Soon we will hear about ships being decommissioned, sold, or scrapped. I even heard a totally unsubstantiated rumor that Princess will be sold off entirely.
  18. As long as were are repeating unsubstantiated rumor, I heard that they are going to start charging for the main dining room for extra entrees .
  19. For the most part you are correct. I pray that most people who booked cruises still have an income and are not desperate for a Carnival refund. I am afraid there are some who had a good income last year when they booked the cruise and today have no job or no business. These are the worried ones. If they are waiting for a few thousand dollars from Carnival I could see how the are upset. Again thankfully I am only waiting for a few hundred.
  20. One would think in the 21st century there would be an automated process for handling refunds but based on what the Carnival officials are saying every refund has to be processed by a person. I did chose the FCC credit for my cruise and have already rebooked with my PVP so that is settled but I am waiting for refunds on two excursion and two cases of water. Thankfully, it is not a lot of money for me but it seems like when the cruise was cancelled, these should have been automatically refunded.
  21. I think new builds are off the table for a decade so the fantasy class may have a little more life. Also, being smaller with less people onboard, they may be appealing in a post COVID-19 cruise market.
  22. I told this was about Carnival stock holders.
  23. There might be a time limit for credit card dispute.
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