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  1. My bet would be they never get to Phase 2 before $$it hits the fan and something goes wrong.
  2. People in the US buying bikes and campers now is getting big. Can hardly find any bikes to buy and prices are really high if you find some.
  3. Hint:. Both aft corners are available on March 20th for your sailing but cabin must be booked for 3 passengers to see the availability. Just book them with 3 persons name and just before final payment cancel the third person. Balcony is great it is worth the chance......very unlikely they would move you because only 2 person booking that cabin..............We have even seen them allow that cabin for 2 persons, so have your agent try that first..............Cabin is a Categoet 5D.
  4. Deck 9 are much narrower, keep looking for deck 7, square footage wise it can't be matched What week you sailing?
  5. Corner aft Balconies on deck 7 are pretty much the largest on entire ships including the suites.
  6. I give you credit, not alot of people looking at booking a cruise right now, mostly anyone looking at a cruise date in the future are only doing it because they have money tied up in a canceled cruise they have to move to something. More Power to you, but I'm not loooking to book anything until I see what the "New Cruising Lifestyle" looks like? Lots of unknowns !
  7. Yeah that's right you are in Washington Redskin Country............we are looking further south, Carolina Panther country........of Virginia
  8. There are 2 aft Js's facing the wake available if interested in the larger Balcony........on the 1/29/21 sailing.... Cabins #8588 and #7152 Think I would take deck 7 over deck 8..........under 7 is the Diamond Club, over 8 is the Fitness Center.
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