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  1. Why does this surprise some of you? You act like you think cruising would start up sooner? Are you not in the real world and see what is happening around you? It's going to be quite sometime before cruising starts up again, and again when cruising does start up again it is going to be quite a different experience from before.
  2. Yup just a coincidence, it will be much longer then that before anyone sails.
  3. I can't see them taking all the extra time to do that. They will have to check bags even better then the TSA does when getting on a plane to determine all that.
  4. They is no way of them knowing at the check-in counter who would have any of the above issues, going to be very hard to enforce that.
  5. How's that? I thought only 70 and over needed a note from doctor?
  6. I canceled my wife's car insurance completely, when she is ready to return to work I will just call Geico and add her car back onto the policy with my car. Right now we do not need both car's on the policy, she works from home now.
  7. If you have been watching any of the recent news on the TV......................You would have to expect it to be cancelled. If I was you I wouldn't plan on it happening. Wait until Royal cancels it and either get your money back or reschedule it for 2021.
  8. Saw the 1st show of Succession........not sure if I will continue that one or not....Didn't seem to grab me like Ozark did........Might be because didn't really know any of it's actors?
  9. Just finished Ozark Season 3............Kind of thought she was next to go..sure hope they continue with Season 4 and 5.
  10. Back up to almost $12 now so that news didn't mean much.
  11. .Stock at almost $40 again and rising..............hard to believe isn't it?
  12. The way the RCCL stock is yo yoing........could have been buying and selling a few times lately and made alot of money.......Just can't pull the trigger, I'm still sitting on the sidelines..........
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