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  1. We have an aft(wake) facing cabin on our upcoming cruise in Alaska, tell me more about what to look for on sail-away from Skagway?
  2. I think it is pretty accurate because some of the vendors haven't posted 2020 rates yet.........plus really people that book these tours through the cruiselines is basically just for transportation to the different areas, not much is included as far as excursions and food for each day, basically it's just the lodges and hotels that are included. Most people do the serches now finding vendors and excursions you want to do at each stop on their own. Not much in as far as excursions is included............Maybe just maybe the 2 excursions that are included going into Denaili Park is included and a steamboat river cruise is included from what I remember. The rest is on your own. Consider doing a DIY land tour, that is what we are doing in July 2020.............be less money too then one of those tours and will be able to do and see more and not be on a schedule.
  3. Certainly does discount the lunch also, instead of costing $27 per person for the lunch, it takes $10 off each lunch, making it $34 total for lunch for 2 people.
  4. Won't change my cruise experience once onboard. I say doesn't matter, who cares?
  5. We used the 40% off coupon code also, saved $135 on the 6 hour tour, did not book the meal incase the seas are rough, I know neither of us will want to eat if the boat is rocking and rolling. If the seas are calm we can ask if they can add the meal on for us while on the boat, if they say no, no biggie we will just eat on shore when the excursion is over. It was almost like buy one get one free since cost for one person was $169. Great Price, a thanks for posting to the OP.
  6. What if we bought this package(Voom Surf Package for 2 devices $16.99 per day) and 2 soda packages.($6.50 per day) That's $29.99 a day compared to $34.00 a day and we will both have access to the internet and soda package the whole 7 days. Does that sound correct? VVoom surfpacakOOM SURF VOYAGE PACKAGE - 2 DEVICES VVOOM SURF VOYAGE PACKAGE - 2 DEVICESOOM SURF VOYAGE PACKAGE - 2 DEVICES
  7. We just bought the CLASSIC SODA AND VOOM ONE DEVICE for $17.00 a day for my wife and I. We are both Diamond Plus, so was this a good buy or not, how much free internet would we have received for being Diamond plus? My wife will use the internet probably more then me, so would we be better off just getting the 1 package for $17.00 and maybe myself just getting the soda package for $7.00 a day?
  8. I would simply pass on Empress no matter kids or the itineary, there alot better fish in the sea.
  9. 100% agree, there will still be plenty of light. That time of year, long days and short nights.
  10. Who's tours are better in Seward. ? Those who have went with both, who did you prefer and why? Kenai Fjords Tours or Major Marines ?
  11. Don't ask me how I know but they sometimes do allow you to transfer the entire amount of the canceled cruise inside the final deposit date to another cruise in the future. Can't hurt to call, if you don't get an answer you like the first time, call again a few days later. Also did you book through a travel agency or directly with Royal Caribbean?
  12. Sounds great, just think we won't have the time, plus the added expense of flying into and out of Gustavus on this trip. Maybe another year.
  13. Doing a DIY land tour in 2020, where would we have to be to do a small boat cruise thru Glacier Bay? What company offers it? WE are on Radiance from Seward to Vancouver, we are flying into Anchorage though and starting our Land Tour there?
  14. Sounds like it will be okay then, it's only for a half day after the train ride and for 4 or 5 hours after the Major Marine Excursion, so it should suit us fine, we got a harbor facing room also so that should be good. Thanks for the info.
  15. Don't want to hyjack this thread, but rather then make another thread. What do people think about the Breeze Inn and it's location without a car.....................coming in on train, staying 2 nights. Arriving late morning, next day will be our excursion with Major Marine., following day board our cruise ship. Prior to all this arriving in Anchorage staying the one night, renting a car for 4 days before returning to Anchorage for another night and taking the train early the next morning to Seward.
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