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  1. Yes, just call before final payment anytime you see a lower price and they will adjust it to the lower price.
  2. RCCL website now says everything canceled through October 31st.
  3. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/09/24/after-declining-for-months-us-coronavirus-cases-are-rising-again-has-the-fall-wave-begun/24629559/#
  4. Still think we are at least 6 months away from cruising...........it's sad but will be true. Second wave is beginning to start now.
  5. Maybe a couple months ago before final payment you should have just lifted and shifted your cruise for a year later and not be hoping the cruise would get canceled so you could get all your money back, you would have only had the deposit there on hold this way. When this all started back in March did you really think you would be cruising again by November, even if do you really want to endanger your family( your children) with a vacation like this after seeing quaratined ships the prior months?
  6. Just how low was it(GS and OS ), Regular Balconies are pretty low right now too. GTY Balcony for $1300 total for 2 (Senior, Diamond Plus)
  7. late to the game here, not quite understanding what you did that some people have already been doing. Someone even quoted interesting strategy. What do you do differently?
  8. I hope my Rhapsody Caribbean in March of 2022 is switched to another ship too. Almost any ship other then Empress, Grandeur and Vision would be fine with us.
  9. I guess they are hurting for $$ also like others in a travel industry. Probably like no more coverage then regular trip insurance. Probably going to be at a super high price. Wonder what the amount of Quaratine coverage will be per day?
  10. Wishful thinking for sure..........2020 is a sure thing........Not starting back up this year.
  11. Stanley Park is nice to walk around in, you will see it on the left side of the ship while sailing out of Canada Place cruise terminal. It can be nice weather too in May, not to hot and not to cool.
  12. Wow my head is spinning, no idea what you paid or didn't pay but have fun if the ship sails.
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