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  1. They will both be on deck 11 if that is what your docs say
  2. The downside to New Orleans is that it's mostly the older ships with less for kids that sail from there other than NCL that has put a newer ship (Breakaway). Galveston will have more options. Were you looking at this year or next year.
  3. Royal has pretty much removed the occupancy restrictions on those cabins. Quite easy to book for 2 people. Royal may even even come out ahead with only 2 people booking it as opposed to filling it with 8 adults that only pay the 3/4 rate of about $700pp and then get the drink package, dining package, internet and gratuities.
  4. It’s the Western end. No way out there. Looks like it’s crown land out by the lighthouse plus some private properties.
  5. It’s always varied ship by ship. Oasis seems to be running late with the batches of entertainment they are releasing ever since the drydock. If I had to guess it would be because they are still working out on board scheduling logistics with having added a new show as well as the tribute bands that have also been doing a show in the Aquatheatre. Don’t forget that many of the cast and technical stage hands perform in more than 1 show.
  6. Upper right corner click on the symbol that looks like 2 pages, one on top of the other then click private.
  7. Refunds usually take 5-7 business days. With all the refunds they are processing it would not surprise me if that number increased. Personally I would wait until middle of next week before starting to inquire about it.
  8. There are far more cabanas at CocoCay than there are at Labadee. How do you decide who gets them if you are going to offer a straight trade.
  9. You would get back 75% of the 75% the 25% you would get as a refund.
  10. Entertainment gets released in batches of cruises. Yours was obviously the last sailing in a particular batch while the OP’s sailing will be the first sailing in the next batch.
  11. It’s available at el loco fresh, deck 15 if it’s not at the WJ. You could always stop by there first and grab a bowl.
  12. Andrew, on your iPad switch to private browsing mode. Just worked for me 5 minutes ago.
  13. After final payment you cannot move a booking. It gets cancelled and you pay whatever penalties are due for the penalty phase you are in. At 45 days they are in the 75% penalty phase.
  14. dropped over $7 this morning. Below $75
  15. Could be the day before, could be the week before. Read one person that had their bid accepted a month before
  16. has to be exact same category so no. You need to look at the actual room category assigned not the description. CP nd BW each have 2 different categories. Boardwalk can be a 1I or 2I Central park can be a 1J or a 2J
  17. No cost unless you book a private lesson or rent it for an hour for private use. No reserved times for suites
  18. No difference in how refunds are processed for bookings made through a TA or direct with a Royal for those that booked in North America.
  19. The connecting door on Oasis class ships is in the hallway opposite the bath so you do not lose space or have a smaller couch.
  20. Possible and possible. If there are any other cabins available in the exact exact same category I would try changing cabins
  21. Royal will not allow you to add guests to a reservation won by a Royal up bid. Also the other people are past final payment and would have to cancel, they can’t “push” their reservations out to a future date.
  22. Exactly. It worked out now as our kids are older (16 and 18) and if the cabins were apart it wouldn’t matter as much, Years ago it would have meant putting an adult with each child for the sleeping arrangements. When the savings were enough we took the chance always knowing that the worst could happen.
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