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  1. In my opinion, Regent could do a lot better. We were recently on a Seabourn cruise Los Angeles to Honolulu round-trip. I checked the Internet speed and it went from 50 to 100 Mpbs True there are approximately 450 people on board. So I can't understand the disparity.
  2. Hi guys, for the sake of comparison, we were on a Seaborn cruise round-trip Los Angeles to Hawaii. In the beginning I had 100 MB per second then slow down to about 50 I know it depends on where you are in the world but that's what I got. JD
  3. We have sailed Silversea once before. And did not care for the dining hour, starting so late. We are considering a Silversea cruise and wonder if any of that has changed? Seem to remember that none of the restaurants opened until 7 PM. Thanks, J&C
  4. We are booked from ATHENS TO ROME and on the pre cruise " Silk Road to Baku " . We are now wondering if this is a good decision. Do any of you guys have any thoughts?
  5. Hi, we will be boarding in a week and taking the same flight from Boston. Any problems getting into Iceland ? John
  6. And just how did you find out that they would hold a bottle of wine ?😀
  7. I would suggest trying to get a cabin on Deck 4 Midship.😀
  8. LAX - About a half hour to the port.
  9. Regent to get Starlink but it may take some time to get it installed on all ships. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/information-technology/latest-adding-starlink-ncl-oceania-regent-aqua-expeditions
  10. We will be on the same cruise and wondering if anyone knows what time the bus leaves Spokane heading for the boat ?
  11. AQSC has announced that it will add Starlink service to all its ships/boats. https://www.travelweekly.com/River-Cruising/American-Queen-Voyages-upgrading-internet-service
  12. I know it says 50 mails but they have taken us from Southampton to LHR which is over 50 miles. The only problem we have had is connecting with a the driver at the airport on the inbound but we took a taxi and made sure to get a receipt and were reimbursed onboard.
  13. Just to add a personal experience. We were booked and had made final payment on a Crystal cruise that was of coarse cancelled , about $ 40,000. Long story short Chase Sapphire Reserve payed us back in full ! So a vote for CSR.
  14. Yes- We only get to Tempe? Anyway give us a call when on board our suite # 720 John & Christina
  15. Hi, we leave on Thur. with what I think is the same flights as you but at least the connection is in Term 5 ! Have a good time in Lisbon. J&C
  16. Well It looks like NCLH is following Royal Caribbean by putting Starlink equipment on a ship I guess for a trial . https://apple.news/A2n0EcnZaRSmxijWfL7bMWw
  17. Hi, no planning needed. Just book a room in either direction or both. When you get there ask for the " car signup " (it's on a clipboard ). The rooms are OK a little tight in the shower area. During March (baseball training ) the price goes up so book early. Be sure to record the the hotel phone # for your return shuttle ride. Hope this helps, John
  18. I understand but you may want to re consider going to PHX. We are in Oro Valley and it's only half an hour longer to get to PHX plus we stay at the Hyatt Place in Tempe and they let us park at no charge ( have done 30 days).To fly out of Tucson you will always change planes so at least one change and probably two and pay to park. Plus it is a boring drive over to Tempe !!
  19. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/information-technology/royal-caribbean-group-taps-spacexs-starlink-high-speed-internet-across-entire
  20. That explains why staff told me occupancy is going to almost full in the near fucture.
  21. Sorry I have not gone back that far, it's around the corner. I would not worry about it they are not cruising full . This cruise about 440 next cruise 540 I am told.
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