G'day and probably goodbye.

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Originally posted by GUT2407
I'm thinking of training My little Max to pick things up for me so he qualifies as a service dog and can come with me.
Yeh, yeh what ever, I was gonna go down that path on my next manipulative foray, but hey its a great idea hey. (Service Snauzer) We love snauzers, our first choice is Mastiffs, then Poodles , then those snauzer thingys.
Me thinks your problem might be Sir or Miss Snauzer-hund might get more popular than you.

Anyways I have a few shots left in the armoury, I think ill keep ma powder dry for the moment.

So back to the problem of accessible cabins midship, hey, tell us about that, high-light the problem dude, cause theres more to follow after you, ya know, ya gotta help them, hey.

So in a nutshell, anyone else with the same or similar problem, ***, do we just say, oh well, Gut went by the by, you do the same.


Opps Caps Lock sorry.

So you take stock, you heal a little bit, you freakin know there are others who care about you, and you reakise that there are others behind you, supporting willing and able to support and care, able to learn from your experience, able to advise, able to take freakin strength from your struggle.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE, the journey has not ended DUDE.

Pssst from the freakin HEART, as big as yours.
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Originally posted by CruiseCriticAUeditor
I am VERY sad to hear this. You will be missed, not least because you answer so many questions for me!

GUT, please email me your postal address. I would like to send you a gift as thanks for your 22,000+ contributions and your assistance to so many of our readers. You've helped keep the AU/NZ board alive and active
That's awesome Louise, so when you hear about the problem, you can go into bat via C/C cheers Mate.
A gift, that's great, heres a gift, question the cruise-lines about the accessible problem, bring it up in confo,
I come from a land down under
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Originally posted by madfisher
just look for us on Maybelle
I'm almost certain I've seen that name on my lake.
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Coffs Harbour North Coast NSW Australia
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No! I've just read this post! This forum will NOT be the same without your daily banter along with great humour & fantastic advice!
I wish you & your dear wife all the very best for the future but do hope that you get to a stage soon where you can join in with us all on here once more!

Gae from Coffs Harbour

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I know just how you feel "GUT" am just going through health issues with my husband and not sure when or if we will be able to cruise again. As many have commented above, your humour will be missed. Mrs "GUT" may be relieved as she may no longer have a target on her back! I know it is hard to keep opening up this site but you still have heaps of knowledge to share. God bless and stay positive.
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I've been away for a while and just read your post GUT, sorry to hear your struggling. All the best to you and your family and I hope in the not too distant future you will come back and report things are improving.

Sydney, Australia
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Just catching up so late to the party on this one - sorry to hear your news Mr Gut. Here's hoping for a recovery that lets you get back to cruising
I've enjoyed reading your posts and passion for cruising
Your news reminded me of my biggest fear that health issues interfere with our passion for cruising just when we plan on indulging in it more and more
It's not something we can control so it's a reminder to seize the moment and enjoy cruising while you can
Anyway - don't go - no need to leave CC - but I can understand that visiting the forums might make you sad that you aren't able to cruise
Glad you've got the pup to keep you company - nothing like a canine companion to put things in perspective - we have two so we're doubly blessed
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