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  1. We had a night light in November- I wonder if some had gone missing and the suite host hadn’t checked
  2. Unless the ship is full it’s very easy to get more than one speciality booking especially if you can be flexible on timings. There’s a desk set up on Deck 5 that’s staffed 8-6 and the staff there are really helpful. On our 17 nights onboard even though we were over run by freeloaders we got 3 in Marble and 4 in Sakura (the lower Marble score was personal choice). One day we only decided at 4pm to see if there was space.
  3. On all sailings you can make one booking in each of Marble, Sakura and Anthology 60 days before departure either via your travel agent or by calling the service number for your country yourself. It’s easy to do - we had no issues doing it
  4. In my experience reduced pricing after final payment has very much been a feature of cruise pricing on all lines the difference is since the pandemic it’s been more widely advertised. However it’s rarely worth waiting for if you want a particular cruise because it’s too big a risk (some cruises do sell out) and the price reduction is offset by far higher airfares and hotel costs. It’s also typically the less desirable rooms available within each category. Prices may be reduced but most people find when it’s mapped against what they paid for their total holiday there’s little difference.
  5. We did 17 nights on the original fixed menu. Never had an issue choosing, no boredom for us and repetition only of dishes we loved and wanted to enjoy again eg the lamb chops in Sakura
  6. My definition of friends includes people we’ve got to know on-board who become friends quickly. We really enjoy these new group meals however we’d hate a “blind date” in the speciality restaurants.
  7. You could say it’s prudent behaviour trying to maximise the sale of every cabin. Since Covid it’s been rare for any cruise line to sell out 100% in the months following final payment. So any effort to sell more is what investors will appreciate There were always late sales it’s just they’re better communicated
  8. The focus of the Speciality restaurants is on an experience with your travelling companions or a group of friends who have booked together. There is no joining together with stangers
  9. Evian only included in the Ultimate package there is no water options on the premium. Didn’t see Acqua Panna
  10. Interesting having given feedback to the former manager at Azamara now in a senior leadership role I found someone extremely willing to listen and react. As an example the opening and closing hours of a venue were altered and our room steward was changed
  11. Thank you for clarifying - I would agree you suffered from less than perfect service. Not sure in my language it was unprofessional which I see is inappropriate behaviour/conduct in relation to guest interaction and guest property. Encroaching personal space, looking in drawers etc is inappropriate and unprofessional, not showing empathy is less than perfect service. I hope you shared your findings with the appropriate managers
  12. Care to explain and evidence?
  13. Local currency throughout so Norwegian Kroner in Bergen and Sterling everywhere else but Dublin which is Euros- this is a relatively easy itinerary not needing too many currencies
  14. Is there not also an emerging issues with some ports (?? including Norway) that Azamara vessels hit as they cannot use shore power when in port? The curse of older vessels
  15. In April it was $8 before the discount - a good add on for me as it got me sparkling water that I like (the included is too flat for me)
  16. I’m not sure I would see the whisky absence as a big issue but if that had been my butler I would have gone straight to the General Manager as that behaviour is unprofessional and unacceptable. Anyone going through guests drawers without their permission should be asked to leave. Joining you at dinner without your invitation is also an absolute no no
  17. If you are talking about a Perry Golf cruise as I said in Post 13 above, no issues indeed the group adds to the cruise experience rather than detracts. Often the men are golfing and the ladies go as singles on excursions or start to team up with non golfing guests during the day. To be honest I look for Perry Golf cruises when choosing my cruises despite being at crazy golf skill level and never played a round of proper golf in my life
  18. Thank you for the clarification. I don’t think the vagueness helps posters trying to keep within limits. I think this needs clearly defining and incorporating in the guidelines or forgotten about and existing rules about disruptive behaviour relied on to manage the occasional lapses. I think many were quite surprised by last nights post. Thanks for the communication
  19. Owners suite guests get Best of the Best (a one night event) and Speciality Restaurants but not chefs table included in their fare
  20. I am a non golfer married to a golf agnostic. We’ve been on many cruises that have been Perry Golf events. We’ve never heard anything but their guests raving about their experience and how good the golf is/ how well they are looked after. We’ve also loved the company of that group of guests. It’s so professionally handled having the group enhances rather than detracts from everyone else’s experience.
  21. Thanks - when did this guideline start as I can’t see it anywhere? I can see the reason on one hand but there are so many good reasons not to have this restriction. For example people booked on a similar itinerary in the past sharing specific information or future bookers looking for it for the future; people on the previous or next cruise sharing or seeking information; local experts answering queries re transport and docking positions etc. Some things are very specific and in any event many people I meet at Meet and Mingle events only follow the roll calls. Can you clarify what is or isn’t permitted? I was about to help someone on a roll call asking for information about a port near here. I won’t post for now to avoid falling foul of what I didn’t know!
  22. You can unsubscribe from emails so you should be able to get figures from Perry Golf and then say “opt out of marketing”
  23. uktog

    New Survey

    Sometimes surveys are also used to confirm the status quo is the right way to continue to operate
  24. I would rebook now to the later flight. Athens can be a slow disembark usually starts about 7.30 or later. You are 45 minutes to the airport
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    New Survey

    But you had the option to say none of the above. The UK prices in the examples wasn’t far off what is charged.
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