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  1. I asked on twitter and had a reply back form VV... Hi Rob, we're sorry about the above tweet that was sent in error. We are still contacting winners for the contest. Please keep an eye on your email inbox
  2. If you open the dashboard on the VV website (your log in) at the bottom you will see a box called "share the love" with the details and how to post the link to others to both get your credit. Virgin do not publish deck plan loads (cabin empty), as they always try and appoint people to the best cabins best, or even "bump" people to better cabins at port if they are available and operationally worth while for them. You can request smaller / half portions but be aware that meat would not be split, only the sides or items such as pasta, as half portions would be going to waste in the kitchen. I saw several people have these at both The Wake, and in Pink Agave. Asking for an upgrade is a bit cheeky, but by being polite, friendly and flexible if its like airlines they may have something they can pull out the bag at boarding / the port.
  3. Hi Andy, I would not sweat the booking to the hour. Suites will have had a head start already, and most places do have availability most evenings, or can do a walk up with a short 15-20min wait at the bar.
  4. who knows. Something does seem a little odd, but it might just be a glitch with the company running it (which is not VV) and they may be sorting "back of house" to make it happen. I would say though for 1,000 people to have won prizes, who all had to apply online, it does seem odd that no one is posting. Unless of course they have to do a disclaimer that they wont post online or mention while on board that they have a free cabin as it could be off putting to other paying sailors on the same voyage.
  5. Hi, Its not really a mini bar, but a bar made up of half size bottles and plus plenty of mixers. It used to be one of 5 starter packages, but not most people get a mixed starter bar, and you can request from your onboard rock star agent things to be added or taken away if you dont want them and want more space. They should be contacting you in advance with any specifics and to clear up items like your transfers etc if your a mega.
  6. Hi @gatorgirl1971 I would totally agree with @_tacocat_ The casino is very small and more of an "extra" so I would not be planning on spending night after night in there. It has a few games tables and slots but does not have the "big ship" feel which is part of the appeal. The "on the rocks" bar every night has a music line up played live. It can vary from the house band to acts brought in for shorter contracts and keeps the whole feel as fresh and changing, rather than the traditional band who will do the same set for 5 years with a muscle memory approach. One thing most people forget to mention are the staff. They are outstanding on both VV ships. They are chatty, friendly (but professional) and never feel like its to much to ask for something. We have done the sea terrace and a corner suite. Both have big pluses, but neither had a downside, just very different. For the third cruise we have a XL terrace so slowly working our way around the ship 🙂
  7. For the PJ party..l go all in. It’s a holiday!
  8. We also entered the draw and heard nothing. Maybe they doing in phases or not contacted people yet as lots going on? On twitter today they said "Lucky sailors should be receiving an email soon"
  9. Hi All, We have been on board Scarlet and Valiant but never really long enough to have spent time in the above places on board. Does anyone have a photo / copy of the prices and services offered at them? The spa seems to be online in some blogs but the others seem to have no real lists. Thanks All! PS - we are on the Med to Miami in October 2022.
  10. The access is via a gate with a touch pad like you have for the room entry. When we were onboard friends may have "tailgated" and ensured the wearables were not being waved in all directions, and of course then who knew or cared. It was pretty empty but it may be because it was Europe in the spring.
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