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  1. Thanks for the info. Trying to find out the specific time on the 7-day Bahamas/Florida. On some past cruises I've been on, both the M&M and Top Tier were both scheduled on Day 2 within 30-60 minutes of each other. And other times, they weren't. So much for rhyme or reason... lol. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks! I'm guessing that is the Meet and Mingle. Do you know what time the Top Tier Event is on Anthem?
  3. Just one sea day - thanks! Day 2 = Sea. Days 3,4,5 = Port Canaveral, Coco Cay, Nassau Days 6,7 = Sea
  4. Hi all, For those who have cruised on the Anthem 7-nighter to Bahamas/Florida - what day/time are both the C&A Top Tier Event and the Meet and Mingle? Thank you!
  5. I'd love to book what I want, but $$$ definitely plays a factor. For Symphony in November, we're in an Oceanview balcony. As much as my wife and I would love to be in a JS (we've gotten used to them over the years), the price is literally more than double what we're currently paying. That's where the Royal Up maaaay (?) be beneficial. Or a substantial price drop where we can upgrade ourselves, but I'm thinking those days may be over.
  6. I've seen people posting about getting their bids accepted on Insides to OV or OV to Balcony - but haven't seen posts about minimum bids accepted for suites.
  7. Much congrats! If you were originally in a JS or below, how did they handle the extra gratuities? Did they just charge that to your card, in addition to the price of the bid? Thanks!
  8. Yeah, I was booked in a JS Guarantee back in December. After my stateroom was assigned (J3) , I received a Royal Up offer for a Grand, Owners, and a few others. Not sure if you’ll get one if your stateroom hasn’t been assigned yet?
  9. Ah okay, perfectly understandable! Thanks!
  10. For those who did get that e-mail, are you booked with Royal or thru a TA? Thank you!
  11. Not sure how big the beds are, so my wife and I booked a double/double with private bath pre-cruise for next year. Especially after reading reviews on both here and trip advisor. Can’t beat the price.
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