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  1. We have sailed more than once on both Diamond Princess and Celebrity Millennium. That was way pre-Covid. We enjoyed both ships. While I suppose they are both a little older now, I would book either again. If choosing between those two, it would come down to itinerary and price. We have not yet sailed NCL, so no help there.
  2. I agree if by class we mean style or elegance. A classy person isn't snobbish. A snobbish person isn't classy. When it comes to fashion, those who make a point of looking down their nose with contempt at what others wear are not being about class.
  3. I think you ask a very good question. What would you assume it means? A tuxedo? Flowing gowns? As it has over the years, I guess what is accepted as "formal" has changed. We have been on Princess a lot over the past few years. The vast majority of folks are doing what you describe as country club casual on "formal night". Times have changed it seems.
  4. In response to your "real question" this change will not have any impact on how often we do a cruise. Going forward, the prices shown will include fees.
  5. Changes were made to the original law to accommodate restaurants. If truly interested you can find it online. The intent of the law was not to change pricing. It was to have the price shown include all fees and charges. Other than having to adapt to change and "I can do the addition", I am interested in someone explaining the reason they prefer hidden fees.
  6. Good advice. Way back in when only fixed dining was available we had tables for 12. Now days depending on the size of our group, it will be two or three tables next to each other. For some reason, even if I promise to behave, I never get to sit at the kid's table.
  7. I think the price should include taxes too. Regarding restaurants, there was a last minute change by lawmakers to allow restaurants to avoid including mandatory service charges in the listed price.
  8. Really? Why would you prefer unbundled pricing with add-on fees over being provided the all-in price? I don't think they went far enough not to mention the back peddling with restaurants.
  9. I think so. My point is "formal", at least as was traditionally defined, is pretty much dead on most cruise ships.
  10. No I don't get overly excited or obsess about the small stuff. I am happy to pick up the medallion at the cruise terminal. I have to admit, I don't understand your anguish, but if it is then it is. I hope future deliveries work out for you.
  11. Really? Getting or not getting the medallion ahead of time causes this? It is really a completely inconsequential thing.
  12. After 20 years, we are doing another 4 day cruise later this month. It is on Carnival. We are going to be near the cruise terminal for other reasons and decided why not do a quick get-away. I have zero concerns about taking the cruise.
  13. Can we add the need to discuss medical issues to the list? I'm sorry if someone has irritable bowel syndrome but have no interest in hearing about it. Asking about careers, I've read on these forums, is a common American ice breaker thing that is apparently not done in other countries.
  14. Oh the horror! 😄 Are people really so sensitive that would be an issue. There are some of those. Thankfully not all or even close to the majority. The ones that won't stop talking are my favorites. We don't volunteer the number of cruises and when invariably asked simply say "quite a few".
  15. I was not even aware of special events where everyone is invited. There are most traveled lunches and special announcements. It is not my cup of tea and I would not criticize those who enjoy the recognition.
  16. In the cruising world, "formal" has been redefined by many as khaki's and a collared shirt. Works for me!
  17. I've never had a wheel break off a four or a two wheeler. But I do understand the pro's and con's.
  18. Customer retention should be an important metric. I would add another very important one is new revenue growth. I agree with just about everything you say you find appealing about Princess. I am concerned about a departure, mainly in ship design, from those aspects I enjoy so much.
  19. I was part of Princess' marketing demographic 20 years ago, so I guess now that I'm 20 years older, they must be marketing to younger folks. No getting around getting older I guess. 😃
  20. Isn't that backwards? Otherwise the ship would be pointing the wrong way. Aw, never mind. 😄
  21. Snooty, Sniffy, Hoity Toity, Uppity, Puffed Up, Swollen Head? Or my personal favorite, La-Di-Da. 😄 We have probably given this "snob" issue more attention on this thread than it is worth.
  22. Celebrity does not have formal nights.
  23. I think most fellow passengers on cruise ships are great to be around. The ones that seem to hover around waiting to criticize everything (kind of like a few posters here on CC) are fortunately not numerous.
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