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  1. I always book with EzAir. I book the day they become available for my cruise. I have not had any problems with EzAir with flights to FLL and Europe. I pick the time and dates I want with Flexible, a day or two pre and post cruise depending on the flight times and price. I check the prices daily and modify (not cancel) if the price has gone down. Example - My EzAir - Flexible - Sept - YYZ-YVR and Oct - SFO-YYZ I have $620.30 CDN/pp, today the same flights $801 CDN/pp. When final payment is close, I check direct with the airline and take the best price. With EzAir - Flexible- you can book and modify you booking up to 45 days with no $ penalty. Pay at cruise final payment. If you book direct with the airline - you pay at time of booking, can not modify without paying a $ penalty. EzAir price does not include luggage fees.
  2. I had a Mediterranean and Israel cruise for Nov 2023. Princess cancelled the 2 day Israel stops and were replaced with new ports, - Malta and Crete. We were not informed until a short time before sailing.
  3. Thanks for the information. I will have to make new reservations in June. Keep us informed if you learn the start date.
  4. Check out On the Boards - Port of Call - Britain There are many suggestions there.
  5. I have a B2B cruises (3 day &16 days). On the App, only the first cruise booking # shows for both cruises. I had purchased 1 device @ 50% off with Elite for the 3 day cruise and my 16 day cruise was with Plus. I changed the 16 day booking it to Standard. On the App, I clicked Upgrade to see if I could add WiFi to my second cruise. The Upgrade is going from 1 device to 4 devices. The $ for the Upgrade went through. I had to call Princess (no wait time) and she cancelled the Upgrade and could not add the WiFi to the 16 day through the App. She added the WiFi cost to my booking and will pay at final payment in June.
  6. The rates on VT site does not include the tax. The total price will show on the confirmation email you will receive. If you need to modify or cancel you contact the Hyatt Place direct.
  7. Thanks for the hint. I do that when choosing a cruise, it gives me an idea of what excursions are offered at each port.
  8. That is the post cruise excursion offered on my 3 day Coastal cruise. Hope that excursion will be offered.
  9. Sept 29, 2024 is my sailing. I am watching encase they add a post cruise excursion.
  10. In the buffet,I place my order for my omelette after I received it then I go for my other items I want.
  11. I have a B2B on the Ruby - 1) 3 day Coastal - Vancouver to San Francisco This cruise has 1 post disembarkment cruise excursion listed 2) 16 day Hawaii- roundtrip San Francisco This cruise has no post disembarkation cruise excursion listed A while ago I call Excursion Dept and asked if there was a post disembarkment excursion as no excursion listed, the reply was “if it is not listed, no excursion”. On all my Florida and Europe cruises there has been one or more post disembarkation excursions offered. Any guess if while onboard, there will be a post excursion offered?
  12. Now you get the cans not the soda gun.
  13. I have gone to Guest Services, and paid my account with US$ cash.
  14. Your account on the ship will be in US$. You give the cruise line your CDN credit card to be charged at the end of the cruise. Your credit card company will get your cruise line US$ amount charged and will convert it to CDN$ and the CDN$ will show on your credit card account.
  15. I talked to a Beverage Manager, I asked him why not have a package with the same perks for soda or coffee as a lot of people don’t drink alcohol. He thought that was great idea and said he would bring it up.
  16. When building new ships, have a pool with stairs.
  17. With Unlimited Specialty Dining, you will not be able to get any reservations. With OBC for excursions, would you be able to use pre cruise to book any excursions?
  18. I have a Standard cruise fare. I have purchased the Soda package. If I order a drink from a passing waiter, am I charged the $14.99/once?
  19. I bought the Fast Track, but did not use as there was no line for the regular security line.
  20. What is the present WiFi cost for Elite?
  21. International Friends, pick up at Southampton dock stop at Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor before being dropped off at the door of certain London hotels. www.internationalfriends.co.uk
  22. My agent cancelled one of my cruises, yesterday Monday. I received my refund on my credit today, Tuesday. The cruise is longer showing on my Princess app.
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