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  1. I use Princess website deck plan for ship I want. I decide on the area- aft, mid aft, mid, forward, click on any cabin, see the size, go to the cabins around it, click on to get the size, go one deck up or down do the same. Check the same category, certain cabins might be different sizes. ie - on the Island, I found PR aft balcony cabins were slightly bigger. Cabins are the same size but it is balcony size that is the difference. - I have found on the aft cabins on Ruby, Sky and other ships, the cabins are bigger 250 sq ft vs 222 sq ft for cabins across from the elevator. - on the new Sun/Star all the balcony cabins are listed at the same size.
  2. Usually for Elite it is one day advance for booking than non Elite passengers. This year they have advanced the booking by a week for past passengers Elite.
  3. For booking, it says for past passengers Elite May 16 and others May 23
  4. It says Elite past passengers May 16 and other May 23
  5. Check out Cruise Critic - Port of call - Britain. Check out Cruise Critic- Roll Call - Princess - your ship, find your cruise date. Chat with others on your sailing. I have stayed at Premier Inn Waterloo, has a bar, restaurant, close to London Eye, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Hop On Hop Off bus, Waterloo Train Station, restaurants, pubs, Thamas river, 2 tube station, bus, stores. If traveling to Southampton on embarkment day, International Friends. They pick up at certain London hotels, stops at Stonehenge then dropped off at Princess dock. If traveling to London on disembarkment day, International Friends. They pick up at Southampton dock, stop at Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor then drop off at the door of certain London hotels. Can take National Express Coach from - - London Victoria National Express Coach to Southampton Coach station then a short taxi to the dock. - Heathrow National Express Coach station (there are National Express station at each terminal) check out Heathrow website to see which terminal your air line flys into to Southampton Coach station then a short taxi to Princess dock. - Princess transfer from Heathrow or London Victoria Coach Station on embarkment day only - private car service - train from Waterloo Train Station to Southampton train station www.nationalexpress.com www.internationalfriends.co.uk www.premierinn.com www.londontoolkits.com
  6. In November on the Island, cabin attention said he would swapp Elite mini bar items. In February on the Sky, the cabin attendant said to call room service to swap Elite mini bar items..
  7. Check out the Sky deck plan and find some cabins you like. You can then give your agent some cabin numbers and the area you want. I give my agent, a few cabin numbers to see if available when she books.
  8. On opening day for Elite to book the new itineraries, you don’t know the price until you log in. I like to pick my cabin so it takes awhile to decide on the cabin.
  9. There is a 14 day Mediterranean August 8, 2026 coming out May 23, 2024.
  10. I am curious if your travel friend-travel agent was informed about this cruise by Princess with notification in advance of the May 23 selling? or She/he was informed by you with this post? I am going to email my agent to book when it opens for Elite on May 22. I wonder if she will be informed in advance of the selling or will she not know and ask me what I am talking about?
  11. I plan on booking this cruise, normally I would book when Elite opens up. My agency has a Princess 3 day usually Thursday-Saturday the first week of June with $$$ OBC. I was hoping to book at that time to the extra OBC but now with everyone says it might sell out before the agency’s sale in 10 days later.
  12. I saw the Eclipse on April 8, 2024, just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  13. It was a Princess excursion (Panama Canal & Lock Transit by boat), bus to ferry that held 3 Princess bus passengers, up close going through the canal, lunch, water, soda included, beer extra, a bus took us back to the ship. A great way to see the locks up close.
  14. I have done Panama Canal roundtrip FLL 2x. I really enjoyed going through the canal on the smaller boat. I am wondering which will be the embarkment port and the ports in Spain, France, Portugal.
  15. I am planning to book. Will have to wait to see what ports they are going to.
  16. What did Princess do to make it an amazing cruise beside what they normally do on a cruise? I have taken 30 cruises with Princess. It is the weather -heat/humid in August in Europe , I am thinking about.
  17. Carmen Roig, VP Princess posted this on Facebook. On sale May 23, 2024. 14 day Spain, France, and Portugal with a not to be missed Total Solar Eclipse departing Aug 8, 2026 on the Sky Princess. I know you can’t predict what the weather will be. I was told, Europe is very hot and humid in the summer months. I have been on Mediterranean cruises in November, Britain in August and Norwegian Fjords in September with comfortable weather. What are your opinions of cruising in August to Europe?
  18. The daily dining menu (breakfast and dinner) will show once on the ship on the app. It is not also correct.
  19. Alfredo’s is walk in. Sometimes there is a line waiting.
  20. I was in PR711 on the Island. Remember to say PR then your number as P is for Plaza deck. When we said “PR711”, people would say like the store 711. The door and walls are metal. A very quiet area as there are not many cabins. The back elevator was around the corner of the hallway. There is a specialty restaurant near there, the bar is only open when the restaurant is open.
  21. I have done that to get a seat, I bring a book to read to wait. When the game show finishes I move to a better seats. I have found, we go to the 7:30 show in the theater at one end of the ship, the game show is at 8:30 at the other end ship and by the time you get through the crowds, there are no seats available. Some of the events timing is off.
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