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  1. Depending where you are cruising from, you can visit a grocery store before getting on the ship.
  2. I purchase the Classic Soda package. I don’t drink enough for per day cost but take it for the convenience of able to get a soda, juice, mocktails anywhere on the ship when I want one instead of going back to my cabin for a soda from my Elite mini bar.
  3. I get cranberry juice from the bar under the Classic Soda package. Soda is in cans, now.
  4. You will have to make new dining reservations June 17.
  5. The site you posted and deleted shows and explains about flipping the back of the bench seats to face in the opposite way and switching sides.
  6. I took the train up and bus back with the private tour company so needed my passport. We just held the passport up in the air and the Canadian Custom/Immigration agent walked down the aisle. He just looked to might sure everyone had a passport. As he passed me, he said “Welcome home” as I am Canadian. If I remember when it was the roundtrip train ride, when we got to the end on the one way, we flipped the seats over to face the other way and were asked to switched to the other side. The train used the same track.
  7. I have taken the train 2x -1) Princess, 2)private tour with - wwwchilkootcharters.com . The private tour had the very last coach and less crowded and was able to spend a lot of time outside. Remember to bring your passport.
  8. When I took the train we also switched sides to give everyone a chance to see from both sides.
  9. Yes, if you have his Captain Circle number you can purchase a FCD for him on your credit card on file. I have done this a few times. I visit the Future Cruise desk to do this, to tell them I am taking FCD for others not on the ship. Before you sail, sign him up for Refer A Friend and he will get his Captain Circle Number and you each will receive $25 OBC.
  10. I had a refund for a refundable OBC on my last cruise. My cabin mate received her cheque. I called 3x and was told it was mailed. On call #4, this agent asked for my address, it turns out Princess had not put my unit number even through it is on my profile. I finally received my cheque. I would call Princess.
  11. Thanks for the ideas.
  12. I will be following along. I have cruised Alaska 4x. Enjoy you cruises.
  13. Princess has changed Lahaina to Kahului from 8am-7pm Oct 5. What is there to see in Kahului that is not a beach tour?
  14. The 3 of us (3 luggage and 3 carryons) took a taxi from airport to Pan Pacific in 2022. There is a taxi rate chart at the taxi line. I think it was around $30.
  15. I would like to see a garbage can near the elevators.
  16. Ruby Sept 29-Oct 15 roundtrip from San Francisco. New itinerary emailed from Princess. Sept 30-Oct 3 are sea days
  17. I am on Ruby Sept 29-Oct 15, 2024 return San Francisco. Yesterday, I received an email from Princess with itinerary changes, Lahaina (Maui) changed to Kahului 8am-7pm. The other ports were switched around. I had an excursion booked for Lahaina (Maui) and it was refunded, New excursions will be posted within the next few weeks for Kahului. The other ports excursions were carried over to the switched ports dates.
  18. Today, I received an email from Princess explaining about new dining setup for my Sept 26 cruise.
  19. I always ask at the gate if they are taking carry on for free as checked in luggage. If they are, they put a checked luggage tag on. I go and sit down until called to board. I take my carry on with a checked luggage tag to the entrance of the plane and hand my checked carry on over to someone there. If they did that at the original gate, she would have had her carry on to take to the new gate.
  20. I am trying to book Crown Grill on the Ruby for Oct. I am getting this notice show up. Being Elite I should be able to book now.
  21. Did your PVP say a date when we can re book reservations?
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