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  1. Try log out then log in, sometimes that works for me.
  2. My agent booked a BC cabin this morning. I was checking to see if cabins were now available since so many could not get a cabin. Maybe Princess was holding or slow releasing or too many booking cabins, there are cabins now available. My BC deck now has only Reserve guaranteed cabins available. Princess increased my BC cabin price by $825 more in just a few hours. Hope they don’t come back and say the morning price is the wrong price.
  3. My agent booked a BC cabin this morning. I was checking and saw some cabins were now available. My deck now only has Reserve guarantee cabins. With the cruise selling so well this morning, Princess has increased the price. My cruise fare has gone up by $825 more in just a few hours.
  4. Some agents might have reserved group cabins, they can hold onto them until they have to release them back to Princess.
  5. Next time, book yourself online then you have 60 days to transfer to your agent. You have to fill in a transfer form and send to Princess. My agent fills in her portion, emails me it, I sign and send back to her and she sends to Princess. Keep looking on Princess site, some people might cancel
  6. At 7:30am EST, I saw cabins available. Some cabin were booked. At 9:32am EST, my agent emailed me, she got my cabin booked. At 10:10am EST, I went in to Find A Cruise, cruise showed Sold Out At 10:30am EST, I was able to see type of cabins and cabin location. Most of decks showed no cabin available and some were Reserve Now ( guarantee).
  7. IF and mean IF, I receive Elite email it is usually in the evening of the day. I only learned about the opening day for new itineraries was on Cruise Critic. I feel sorry for non past passengers who wanted this cruise. They will have to watch and see if anybody cancels or waitlist. Some people, book right away and then cancel.
  8. I went back to check going by each type of cabin on each deck, some decks show the yellow square with the words no cabins available and some decks show guarantee.
  9. As of 10:10am EST, on Princess site, the cruise shows Sold Out.
  10. I have taken this excursion 2x with different friends. Bus about a hour, large ferry (ferry size might vary - my 1 first visit had lower level with bathroom, seats, lunch, 2 visit only one level) that held 3 buses, with seats in the front and back, up close to the locks, bus to the ship. Lunch, soda, water included beer extra and bathrooms. You could have picture taken on the ferry with a lock in the background. Highly recommend. I took the train my first Canal cruise as my BIL is into trains. I found it boring as we mainly saw trees with a few breaks in the tree line. After the train, bus to a view area, crowded from all the buses.
  11. I think you can only use in advance your OBC is for excursions. You will have to use your credit card for our purchases.
  12. I have done the 12 and 8 day British Isles cruises. Following along. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. I have taken this excursion 2x with different friends. I highly recommend it. You are up close to the locks as they open/close. A lunch, soda, water is included beer extra.
  14. When I was on a B2B, on the second to last day of the first cruise, I called room service and told them the changes I wanted for the mini bar, the changed mini bar was delivered.
  15. No for wine tasting as you have your medallion which would be not Elite. No for 10% off in the stores, 10% of spa, 10% off photo, unless you use the Elite medallion on the ship to pay . If you purchase excursions for non Elite and Elite only the Elite will get the 10% off as OBC on their Elite account. You can put items of clothes in the paper bag, fill out the form with Elite’s name. I always write with a red marker Elite on all 3 copies. Mini bar is 1 setup per cruise even if 2 Elites in the cabin. Both can go to Captain Circle party. Both can use Elite lounge at the embarkment port to wait to be one of the first on the ship.
  16. FCD Future Cruise Deposit, is for a deposit for a new cruise, not a cruise that has a deposit already. You can apply a FCD to an already deposited cruise as a payment but you will not receive any OBC from it. I have done that when my FCD was close to expire.
  17. Member 555, mentioned the Premium Desserts in her/his thread. That is why I replied about having only 1 scoop of ice cream instead of the whole dessert. Premium desserts are under the Plus and Premier packages not Elite.
  18. They are not the small suckers that some adults even like. The suckers are like the all day suckers.
  19. We had the Plus, my friend did the same with the ice cream sundae that included a small bottle of alcohol. One scoop of ice cream with sauce and was handed the small bottle. No problem. I was on the Island, first time I had the fancy sundae. I could only ate half as it had 3 scoops of ice cream + sauce, whip cream. Next time, I asked for 1 scoop with sauce and the suckers (they are each wrapped). After every time I went there, it was the same servicer, she would say “1 scoop of vanilla with chocolate sauce and suckers “. I always had a laugh about that.
  20. I didn’t want all the food items with the desserts. I had no problem when I told them I wanted 1 scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce and the lollipops (suckers). I brought home a bag of the lollipops for the grandkids.
  21. Check under Payments at the bottom of the page Credits on Princess website for your cruise. It will show what OBC you have. ie: - Future Cruise Credit - $25 - agent - $ - military- $
  22. Don’t worry, airlines do that, not enough room on the line for some long names.
  23. I know Vancouver has something like YYZ Express and maybe Ottawa and other big airports have it.
  24. If leaving from Pearson, google - YYZ Express - you fill in the information up to 72 hours before your flight - airline, flight #, date, number of passengers, email - you will receive a QR Code. At both USA and Canada/International Security there is a sign for EXPRESS, they scan your QR Code, you are first in line going through Security. If coming back to Canada, use ArriveCAN app, fill in your information up to 72 hr before your flight. Follow EXPRESS at Immigration/Customs area, since your information is already attached to your passport. When I used ArriveCAN in Feb, only one family in front on me at Immigration/Customs vs the regular line which had a long line for the kiosks then Immigration/Customs.
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