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  1. There is no reason that the charges would be converted to Canadian $. The card should be recognized as denominated in US$. It shouldn't matter that the card was issued by a Canadian bank, otherwise why would the banks bother issuing US$ credit cards. You can pay for it from your borderless account dollar for dollar. Here is the information on the TD US$ Visa https://www.td.com/ca/en/personal-banking/products/credit-cards/us-dollar/us-dollar-visa-card
  2. If it is a US dollar credit card you should be charged in US dollars. For me, the issue is paying the bill, since I have no source of US dollars and would have to convert CAD dollars at fairly high rates. (These would generally be small amounts; if larger purchases I might consider keeping a reasonable amount of money is a US dollar account and replenish it when rates seem good.) However, for me, it is a lot of worry; it makes more sense for the amounts I generally spend to have a Canadian credit card with no foreign transaction fee.
  3. I am fairly susceptible. I’ll just add some of my insect repellent sheets, which take up no space in my luggage.
  4. I'm not a hiker, so I guess I don't need to worry. Thanks.
  5. I will be sailing from Oslo to Honningsvåg (for Nordkapp) and back to Copenhagen. I will be in Oslo from June 11 to 15, then the cruise to June 29, then 4 days in Copenhagen. Is insect repellent needed?
  6. Most Mekong cruises are 7 days on the river. I went with Ama, but I’m pretty sure that Avalon is also.
  7. Since the schedule begins in 2021, Scenic has known these dates for at least 3 years, and shouldn't be adjusting schedules now.
  8. You can also choose to ignore specific users. You will not see their original posts, although if they are quoted that will still show.
  9. No, the email address was fine, and it has to be the one on your booking. The problem was that I generally use $ as my special character, and the Blacklane system does not accept that. When I replaced the $ with a different character, everything worked fine.
  10. I just got my invitation to book my transfers. I'm trying to set up a Blacklane account, and it keeps rejecting my passwords. The only thing that comes up green is that I don't use my email or name. I have tried a number of options, all with at least 8 characters, at least 1 capital letter, at least one number and at least 1 special character. Does anyone have any suggestions? It looks like $ is not considered a special character.
  11. The automated bag drops that Air Canada uses at Pearson airport in Toronto will reject your bag if it is more than 4 hours before your flight. It has nothing to do with being busy or not.
  12. Standard North American mattress sizes single/twin 39” x 75” single/twin XL 39” x 80” double 53”/54” x 75” queen 60” x 80” king 76” x 80” California king 72” x 84”
  13. Have you considered using a tour with International Friends? They might have a tour that gives you Stonehenge plus something else and gets you to Heathrow at a time better suited to your flight. https://www.internationalfriends.co.uk/shore-excursions-and-cruise-transfers.html#tour-tab2
  14. For the amount of information that it provides, it is actually a model of simplicity. That is why it is the model for subway/metro maps around the world.
  15. Bike and barge barges come in various comfort levels from fairly bare bones to quite luxurious. https://www.tripsite.com/bike-boat/boats/
  16. It may be true now, but I remember when nothing was available in baggage claim. You either went before immigration, or you had to wait until you had collected bags and gone through customs.
  17. Because Toronto is my home airport, while it frustrates me to wait for luggage, at least I am home and there is nothing else that I need to do; no connections, no train to catch, so it doesn’t bother me too much.
  18. No. Most use a star system.
  19. And formerly included excursions can become extra charge excursions, and you may or may not be grandfathered.
  20. I believe that is London time (or maybe GMT). It is definitely not Eastern time.
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