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  1. @smg4412 I am currently on the Mariner 24 World Cruise. There are have been many Overland Excursions offered along the way. Places I know they have been offered have been New Zealand, Australia, India and now Africa. In India, many passengers disembarked in Kochi for The Taj Mahal (about 128 passengers), The Pink City and Tigers (8-10 passengers) and Kathmandu (24 passengers). With our change of itinerary, many African safaris have been added with 6 or 4 nights off the ship and most ending in Capetown. You can usually find the offered Overland Trip posted on the itinerary under Pre and Posts Hotels. Also, ask your TA.
  2. That would definitely be a TA question.
  3. I did ask the CD on Regent (since we are on "cousin" ships) but haven't heard anything yet. Will post here if I find out anything. I would think that NCLH will post on all three lines. @nu#1 I kept refreshing my CBS Sports app to "watch" the games.
  4. When Kasia and Boogie left they told us that they’d return on May 17th. The Vivace Duo have a totally different sound but ok. As far as the toilets go, if ours doesn’t flush, we call reception and it’s repaired within an hour. We have had a hissing sound in the toilet and no water in the bowl. I’ve found if you pour in a glass of water, the hissing stops.
  5. Crisy, we were on the first excursion and really enjoyed our time on the river. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience. The heat definitely makes a difference. We had the same boat captain and stopped to retrieve one plastic bag. @pappy1022, the assistant held the stick out and up so the crocodiles weren’t overfeed and the crocs don’t get used to feeding from the boats. They know all the crocodiles by name and want to protect them.
  6. I book early to get the suite I prefer and at a lower price. Regent seems to increase prices every three months. Some cruisers will put down a $1000 deposit for a particular level of suite. Often it will become available after final payments are due.
  7. We had one day off and on toilets and another day just one time in the first segment.
  8. Everything looks in tip-top condition. Mariner is sparkly and shiny.
  9. My philosophy these days is, if you have good health and “a little cruise money,” you’re doing ok! When do you board your ship for your adventure?
  10. One port I really wanted to visit was Myanmar with a side overland trip to Bagan has been cancelled along with Israel are not happening on our Miami to Miami World Cruise. As of today, the overland trip to Nepal is still on. Really looking forward to that trip! There may not be time to ever go to those missed ports plus the Black Sea but those I have cruised to in the past 30 years have been phenomenal. How lucky am I!
  11. All true. I’m sure the cruise line will handle it. We’ve already had three ports changed due to war and unsafe travel. Go with the flow.
  12. Our ship gets to the Red Sea in April. We’ll see as we get closer. The Captain and corporate will make the right decision when the time comes.
  13. We tried to find a lounge before dinner on Splendor last fall and started out in the Meridian Lounge. It was great with a soloist (guitar or piano). Then things changed and a five piece band came in and we weren't able to have conversations anymore. We moved to the Coffee Connection or the chairs right outside the Meridian with our drinks or would go to the Observation Lounge. We talked with someone in management, but no help.
  14. It's probably a good idea to wait until Grandeur gets to Miami. Last fall on Splendor, the decorations were shipped and didn't make it to Barcelona before the Atlantic crossing, so no decorations were put up until after we got off in Miami on Dec. 2. A production crew came onboard in San Juan and were disappointed they weren't able to get video of the directions being put up.
  15. My three tips: 1 Use a quality luxury travel agent. One who has cruised on the Regent ships and gives nice perks. 2 Know which suite you want to book. Quality travel agents know the deck below the pool will have scrapping noises in the morning and evening. Moving the deck chairs. The Navigator aft suites get a severe vibration. Suites above the theatre and lounges can get music at nights. 3 Do you want to use Regent air, book a Concierge suite, or book a hotel room the night before boarding the ship?
  16. Great you enjoyed the Gala Sunday Brunch. They are not frequently offered on Navigator, Mariner or Voyager.
  17. Just to let you know, the Sunday sea day brunch is on the 3 newest ships: Grandeur, Splendor, and Explorer. Rarely on the other 3 ships.
  18. Hi Joanie, We had a similar experience in our 2018 Barcelona post cruise. Apparently when the city turns off the air conditioning, it’s good for the season. I remember the heat at night and we left the window open. Not sure if it is still happening but Barcelona was working on their metro which they worked on at night. Between the heat and metro noise, it was a very unpleasant night. I guess we were fortunate to only spend one night. Beth
  19. It’s right in town, easy walk to shops and restaurants.
  20. Most of the time, suites need to be vacated by 8:00am and many luggage color tags begin to be called. Usually everyone is off the ship by 9:00am but some straggling passengers are on until 10:00am.
  21. In August, prior to our Voyager cruise, we stayed two nights (on our own) at the ION City Hotel right in the city. The hotel had a good vibe, restaurant below, and was nicely appointed. We had a room that faced the front that was on a closed to cars. It was near bars so we heard loud, boisterous noises, due to jet lag we fell asleep easily. Over all, I would recommend. The city is easy to walk with lots to see.
  22. I’ve not experienced the vibration on Voyager but former passengers do mention it. On Navigator for more than 200 nights, is not a problem as I don’t book the aft suites. One of my favorite videos I took on Navigator. Leaving port in Galileo’s. I call it “Self-swirling wine glass!” IMG_3712.mov
  23. @saz25 After sailing on the three newest ships, going on Voyager could be a step down. She is an older ship, has a known vibration and isn’t as glitzy as the new ships. You will find the food, experience and service similar. If Voyager has the itinerary you want, than give her a try. I was on Voyager for two weeks in August and we had a great time.
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