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  1. First she said it was her husband who got scammed then she said it was her husbands son.
  2. For what though? For people to have turtles?
  3. Why do they steal them? It may be a stupid question but I myself can’t think of any reason one would steal turtle eggs.
  4. Thanks for sharing your trip. Glad to hear you would go back, that is always a good sign. I’m sure your kids are happy to see you both. P.S you did a great job.
  5. That is very interesting and very sad that people steal the eggs. That’s awful but great the people care so much that they sacrifice power. Amazing. Thanks for sharing that Greg.
  6. Everything looked good minus the crabs😀. I never even heard of this place before. Good to know about it.
  7. It’s a Canadian thing, holiday here too
  8. Just wanted to say I’ve been following along on the journey and enjoying. Thanks for sharing your trip. Great review.
  9. No you are not. Just enjoying your write up. It looks fantastic
  10. Thanks Greg for sharing your trip. It went far too fast. Looking forward to the next one.
  11. Have a great trip. Off to a great start!
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