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  1. Cute dress Margaret. I like the blue We’re heading into a 2 week stretch of 90+ weather. Really need a couple of days of gentle rain, the fire danger is very high. We’ll sit in our yard the next couple of nights with the hose at hand. Our idiot neighbors don’t understand fireworks ban (or the up to $7,000 fine), they’ve been fined before but don’t care. Only time we see/hear them. Happy 4th weekend to everyone Hope it’s quiet!!! Melody
  2. Two bites & done...too much. Good thing my honey loves leftovers! Eggs are still my best food bet Kat, you might want to see a retina specialist, could be a separation caused by the infection.
  3. The Thomas brand has a 100 calorie wheat English muffin that’s very good. Try it toasted with tuna & a slice of cheddar cheese broiled on top. Delicious. Can’t wait to be able to have one. I’m up to creamed chicken & beef pot roast is in menu for tonight. Can’t wait!!! Happy Canada Day!
  4. Went for a haircut today...so nice to be out!
  5. My favorite! I have that & a tiny bottle of Dawn in my cruise essentials bag
  6. That eggplant is adorable! I agree with a Kat, I find regular eggplant pretty bland. I’ll have to look for this one
  7. They have picnic style tables that are 8’ long We’ll be on one side at the end, & they’ll be on the other side at the end cruise kitty, I so envy you being able to paddleboard tomorrow. That’s what I’ve missed most about having a summer surgery. My Debbie downer moment happened last night when I tried to lower the porch awning by myself (I always do it easily) because we were in a high hail & tornado warning & I couldn’t do it. Luckily Les saw me & came running before I hurt myself. I’ve been in the recliner since then 🙄. Oh, we did get over 2” of rain/hail in under 10 minutes
  8. We had our first real rain storm in a long time, unfortunately it’s all run off. Yes that’s hail in the picture. The temp dropped from 94 to 54 in 12 minutes & we got over 2” of rain.
  9. Here in Colorado Springs they’ve closed off one of the roads downtown (where there are many restaurants) for outdoor dining on Friday night & all day Saturday. I really wish they’d close this street permanently. We haven’t ventured out there yet, no sense where I can’t really enjoy yet. We’re having brunch on Monday with good friends at the only restaurant we’ve been to since March (they do social distancing perfectly(. I’m looking forward to the tomato & herb omelette with Swiss...it’ll be my first real meal!
  10. Kat that outfit would be fine on a Celebrity ship, even on Elegant Chic night
  11. Actually the reciprocal status with Royal/Celebrity tops out at Elite/Diamond. You have to earn the higher status on each line
  12. One thing about an interesting hair cut, it isn’t permanent. I bet it really looks Ok
  13. Laurie, I can definitely see you in that metallic brown dress with a statement necklace or chandelier earrings. I agree, you seldom see a pretty evening dress in brown. Melody
  14. SS Norway in 1995. My BIL made a lot of $$$ betting on me skeet shooting. I still have the small trophy I won.
  15. My darling husband is the egg king. He adds 1 tablespoon of skim milk per egg, after the egg is completely whisked. Turn continually with a rubber spatula on medium heat. Perfect everytime
  16. Doc said I’m doing great. Moved me up to a mechanically soft diet. My supper last night, tasted like ambrosia! No breads, anything white. I can try brown rice late next week. Can’t drive for another month. daughter took me to my Chicos After the doc. I spent a fortune, but everything was so cute. I’ve dropped a full size in pants, but top remains the same. I love these pants, I have other shirts this color, so not sure on length
  17. My supper last night! Tasted like ambrosia! I’ve moved to a mechanically soft diet. Doc said I’m way ahead of the cure. He turned to his 4th year student doctor & said, don’t expect many patients to look as good as this at the 2 week postop appt. she has done exactly what I asked of her & it shows. Made me feel pretty good! I do have a seroma (fluid filled sac) at tge large incision site that’ll have to be drained if my body doesn’t absorb it in the next month. I’ll deal with it. daughter took me to Chicos yesterday after doctor! So many nice things & great prices (I felt so free!!!). It’s a linen blouse, not too sure about it yet...I do have several tops in this color & this is a bit short I think. I adore the pants tho! Melody
  18. Oh, brisket sounds wonderful, so do ribs!!!Melody. I have my fingers crossed that I can have scrambled eggs tonight!!!
  19. Anita, great mask, good idea. Margaret, I have that rashguard from LLBean for several years ago, it still looks brand new. I really miss paddleboarding. I’m physically not able to paddleboard until September (at the earliest). But our local lake just closed because of algae so no one is paddleboarding here until end of July. my postop appt is tomorrow hoping I’ll be able to eat scrambled eggs tomorrow! Melody
  20. Perfect table for your sewing machine. I wish I still had my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. When we sold the family home Les & I were still moving with the Air Force, we couldn’t afford the extra weight of all the antiques 😢. Kept a few treasured items, but so many...ah well. ‘’here was my special nondairy treat yesterday...so very good (lemon & lime twist). Melody
  21. Anita, love the rug! We had one of those tables when we lived in Japan, fabulous. Margaret, I think that hoodie is a nice, what I’d call desert red, kind of dusty red
  22. My special treat today. Non-dairy lemon lime swirl. So good! Beat the heck out of soup!
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