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12-20-18 Thursday Weigh-In...Merry Christmas One And All!

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Can you believe Christmas is six days away

And we have a weigh-in day


On the scale we must go

And you can't say no


Drinks, dinner. parties and sweets  are hard to pass

Were you good and reach for water in a glass


Did you do any exercise in a gym or on your own to feel good

Does it help in making you  not eat so much food


Hope we all can have fun and try to watch our eating till next weigh-in day

We have the weekend, Christmas Eve and Day  to get through in our own way


We will deal with the outcome no matter how we do in our cities or towns

Because We Never Give Up whether we're up, stayed the same or down




Last night on the 12-13-18 Weigh-In post I wrote a Little Christmas "ditty"

as Diana calls them.  Please read it.


Merry Christmas To One And All..Hope You Enjoy Your Day..  No Matter How You Do

 Or Do Not Celebrate Christmas Day.  Just Have A Good Day What Ever You Do!





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Merry Christmas Belle ☃️🎄🎁


This morning a parable was brought to mind of the woman who gathered all her friends to rejoice over finding what was lost...I think I'll have to flip it around and have you rejoice with me when I lose what I've gained :classic_biggrin:.  For now I know you will understand my frustration with gaining 2#:classic_angry: , but that's what I get for not watching what I eat.  On the plus side, my husband said not to worry about making the saltine candy and rice crispies that I usually bring to his work gathering tomorrow, so that's a few less calories and less temptation.  


It will still be a heavy two weeks (I won't be around next week for weigh-in).  School parties and work party tomorrow, Christmas meals at home (nothing crazy, but still heavier than it should be to lose), then lots of food at the in-laws next week.  New Years should only have a little extra (ginger bread cake on Jan 1 - pork and sauerkraut actually isn't that high calorie), then back to tracking on Jan 2.


I'm still below my starting weight from when I started getting serious in 2013, but I'm getting dangerously close to it.  I hope everyone else is doing better.


Have a wonderful week all 🤶 

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Good Morning everyone ---  Belle, went back and read last weeks thread - your post yesterday was great!!!


Christmas can be a difficult time ... this is the 18th anniversary of my mom's death (4 days ago would have been my dad's 99th birthday).  Miss them, but do love knowing they are at peace!


I really thought that I would have a gain this week ... (a few days ago I was up) ... but I ended up weighing myself 4 times this morning just to make sure the scale wasn't in a joking mood.  I ended up losing 1.8# this week (for a total of 12# overall) ... still a hundred zillion to go .. but I'll take it!


If I don't talk to all before Christmas (to all who celebrate) - I hope everyone has a wonderful day - Jan

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Thanks Belle for the thread. And the ditty..........


I stayed the same. Wish I had lost but happy I didn't gain.


Pacruise, sorry you gained. 


Jan, we'll have to put you on a pedastal. You are rocking it. Congrats on the loss this week and total!


Wishing everyone a happy holiday.



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Ack!  this plateau is driving me crazy.. I'm up about #2...  With Xmas meals ahead of me.  So many treats at work that I have turned down but the comfort food season is so tempting...  Congrats to those who lose and stay strong gainers we will get through this!!

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Glad to see you four in here. Know it's a busy time of the year.

I think I stayed the same or maybe a tiny loss. Just going to

say stayed the same. These days to the end of the year are

going to be hard with all the food around. SWEETS are my downfall!:classic_ohmy:


Hope more people come in, a few have missed a couple of weeks.

Remember no matter what the scale says come in.....wait to long and

it's harder to get back on track.


Merry Christmas to you all who Celebrate!

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Hi all!


Belle ~ nice ditty! Merry Christmas to you too. It's getting close now!


Jan ~ WTG, you're doing great.


I don't know why, but I'm up 0.4 this week. DIdn't eat out so guess it must have been the chocolates etc.

Oh well, hope to do better next year!!


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I finally got our tree up & the cards displayed.


~ Jo ~ ☺️

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12:41 am in California...Christmas Eve Day. and guess what?

I have to go out to a candy store( See's) and shop for food. (Lucky)

in the morning. Early I hope.

Do you think there will be lots of people?:classic_laugh: I never go out to shop on

Christmas Eve but behind this year. Did put up a little tree and some

decorations. Need to clean house a little too. Oh no I'm not a little behind,

I'm a lot behind!:classic_rolleyes:


Are you finish with Christmas shopping? Wishing you all a Great...

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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A Happy Christmas Eve to all!


I have a few presents left to wrap for the kids, then fill the stockings later tonight (save Santa a trip 😉 ).  Plan to bake two types of cookies this afternoon to take with us Wednesday to the in-laws. Finishing the laundry so we can pack too. I'm hoping for a relatively relaxing day tomorrow, maybe do a puzzle and/or family game in the afternoon. 


Hubby and I don't exchange gifts (we just get what we want throughout the year), but I did plan the meals around him fixing a few favorites that require a little more work and are harder to make throughout the year.  Brunch will be overnight French Toast casserole with a blueberry compote and bacon, and the big meal will be cranberry port medallions with mashed potatoes, green beans, and pomegranates.  We should finish the last pumpkin roll half that we got through a fundraiser at Thanksgiving.  Does anyone else have favorite foods planned?


I suspect you might have some crowds, Belle, but typically Saturday before Christmas is the big rush day.  Don't worry about being behind, just do what you can.  Your presence is more important than any presents.


If I don't talk to everyone before: Happy New Year!

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This year we have all the kids (and grands) for both Christmas Eve and Morning.  Tonight we will have Chinese food ... open up gifts that were sent from my sister.  We will do the pickle present, read "the Night Before Christmas" and "the Polar Express".  I have a few games we might do tonight, or wait until tomorrow.


Christmas day they will be over for a late breakfast (eggs, bacon, homefries, toast, stollen, cinnamon rolls, melon and perhaps a mimosa or two).  Presents around the tree and stockings.  I love watching them all talking, laughing and just having fun ... Ken & I don't exchange gifts ... our gift is to have the kids here.  Next year they will go to in-laws for Christmas.


Pacruise - I would love to know how you make your French toast casserole ... 


Merry Christmas to all - Jan


PS - Belle - hope you got through the last minute shopping successfully !! 

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All the Christmas shopping done here spending time with the Grandkids tomorrow. We do have a temporary house guest in a Cockapoo puppy. She will be joining her new family tomorrow ( Grandkids have no clue 🤗 )..

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Jan - I got the recipe years ago when I subscribed to e-mealz.  It calls for putting cooke apples on top, but also suggests fresh apples or berries during the summer.  We finished our last apples yesterday, but I have blueberries in the freezer so I just googled blueberry compote.  It looks like just heating blueberries, maple syrup (other recipes have other sugars, but I our maple is getting old), vanilla, and lemon juice (others have zest, but I don't have any 😉).  Here is the recipe:


1 loaf French bread, cut in 2 inch cubes (I'm using 2 baguettes from Sam's club)

8 eggs

(3c milk, 4tsp sugar, 3/4 tsp salt, 1Tbsp vanilla)

(1/4 c melted butter, cinnamon sugar)

4 apples, cut into chunks (peeling optional)

(1/2 c sugar, 1tsp cinnamon)


Place bread cubes tightly in a greased 9x13 dish.  Beat eggs, milk, sugar, salt & vanilla.  Pour over bread. Cover/refrigerate overnight, 6-36 hours. 

Bake uncovered @ 350, 45 min.

Remove; baste with butter.  Sprinkle well with cinnamon/sugar.

Return to oven 5 minutes.

Mix apples, sugar, & cinnamon.  Heat apples in microwave (no time given, I think I did around 1 minute on a high wattage oven), spoon over French toast servings.


It's not really hard, more a matter of having all the ingredients at the same time, having a morning that allows for an hour before breakfast 😉, and remembering to make it the night (or 2) ahead.


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