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  1. Thanks for the report. Well a pizza or the second choice is good to know, I would have thought pasta or pizza. Now I know, thanks.
  2. The terms and conditions do not mention the sides. Anyone care to share their experience on ordering sides? one, two, or more allowed? Also the terms and conditions list Italian as one of the Specialty restaurants which could be La Cucina. Anyone use the SDP there? The menu is not organized into apps, soup, salads, entrees, deserts instead antipasta/suppa/insalate, pasta, pizza, secundo, and dolci. The NCL website also states which seems to disagree with the T&C about sharing: Definitely come to La Cucina with a hearty appetite. Our classic Italian dishes come in large portions, which are perfect for sharing. Yes, can ask at the restaurant before ordering, put would like to know what people have recently experienced there? Thanks.
  3. Good points. Addition of tips to the Unlimited Dining Package caused reexamination. Still trying to figure out what makes sense.
  4. What if you never download a photo? And the checkin is stuck at 72%? Can you just go to the port and checkin? We probably will show up at NOLA at 11:30 or 12. All information appreciated.
  5. Here's report. We carried on 5 bottles. Took 4 to restaurants. Was charged the $25 corkage fee each night except one night when we ordered a bottle of white wine to go with appetizers then switched to the bottle we carried on for the main course. They did save our white wine for the next night and retrieved it for us from a different restaurant. The $75 came out of bar loot.
  6. We agreed with the main points of this review. We were on Valiant Lady. Agree that seating is low in most places. Only sea views for non rockstars are limited - no forward viewing. Did love the Dock and area behind the Galley. There is a bit of a promenade deck with shuffleboard. Additionally, The APP is OK when it works. The daily sheet is OK. Neither really lists/described all that was going on in an attractive format; some of the other lines do a better job of getting you interested in a particular activity. Crew is friendly and interactive. Actual service is the same standard that we have enjoyed on other lines. Bimini is the best "private" beach day compared to other lines. Yes, we really enjoyed our cruise and look forward to another sometime but did not become total converts to Virgin Voyages "only". Great that there are so many options.
  7. Your report helped set our expectations. We were on the week after you. Thank you. Agree that "on the rocks" was crowded. Lots of folks standing and sitting on the floor. They need more seating. The restaurants seemed to accommodate changes well, we only did one. Shows booked up but seemed to have enough to handle most of the waitlist at the door. Exercise classes all booked up early ( our APP and many other's was down until about 4pm) then had to be reloaded twice more on the first night. All classes stayed sold out the entire cruise. Did not try to walk up. Not interested in getting dressed and excited about a class to only possibly get in. Also the weight area was crowded most mornings from 8 to 11. One day every machine was in use with people waiting. That happens on other lines the first sea day but later not so much. Outdoor areas for working out and the running trail were used but not crowed. Just a small snapshot.
  8. We were on the same cruise. Agree no verbal communication about the Galley or really about anything - just read on the APP or signs which works if your APP is working (ours was very hit or miss the first day) or if you are in front of signage :). One of us likes cereal and fruit for breakfast. That took going to the cereal/milk area then the fruit area then the salad area for walnuts. That was similar to other cruise lines buffet. One of us like other things and table service was nice just had to adjust to the process - figure out what to order by viewing the items including specials, place order, wait about 10 minutes, enjoy... All employees wanted to please and were friendly in our experience.
  9. Hello, We received what seems to be a generic important information email for our cruise in one month on the Breakaway. It has alot of links to the NCL website. Is this normal? Doesn't seem to be anything but a CYA about covid and need to have travel docs like a passport. Is there anything else needed besides a passport? Thanks.
  10. Did you get an answer? or perhaps visit? There is an 8:30 and a 10:30 tour available on my NCL cruise. Is one better than the other to see manatees? Thanks.
  11. What about getting reservations for shows or classes? Not getting into events/dining would be a substantial difference IMHO. Thanks for the reports.
  12. Would be nice to know the full story. Will we ever? Have never seen a report of someone banned for attempting to carry on any item. So I think there must be more?
  13. Reviews that complain about things like the rock climbing walls, flow riders, etc. always lose me. Those things are in addition to the traditional venues. Things do change and sometimes go missing - that could be worth a moan. But having additional new items even that have a few associated don't really affect the rest of the cruise. Love the big ships with lots to see including people watching on the "play things". But do realize that someday mobility issues or personal preferences may mean changing to smaller ships.
  14. To answer your question about sabor, we love it, especially fish tacos. We do not enjoy velveta style queso so just goes to prove food is subjective. The servers normally recommend items that we will try. thanks for the review, we try harmony in the spring.
  15. Just another view, there are some families that dress up for Christmas brunch/ dinner. Personally I would choose another spot to wear pjs, but I am sure you could get away with it.
  16. Just do some research. There is big variety of ear plugs. Search on concert ear plugs. The ones we like filter some frequencies and db level yet let a normal conversation happen. Or choose to try and change the environment on ship and other places.
  17. Ok. I now understand your choice and expectation. My choice is to use "concert" style earplugs that filter noise and allows for conversations. Plus it comes with a carry case so I can have it whenever I like. Don't have to bother trying to get someone to turn down the noise.
  18. We just keep it simple. Follow the guidelines that the host/ organisers punlish. Everything else feels like rationalisation.
  19. So how do you “see” the special? On a board? Or displayed on a plate somewhere? thanks
  20. So why do you resist using ear protection? Yo will not have to get action from anyone else? Just curious to know what the objection is?
  21. Yep. Easy solution. Go online and find ear plugs that fit your needs. Loud music, etc, has been an issue for a VERY long time. Carry your ear plugs and it's one less thing to worry about. We selected the kine that blocks most noise but still allows you to hear normal conversation. Change yourself vs. trying to change the world.
  22. Just saw in the app the reference to the band and delivery anywhere. Very annoying. Thank you for pointing out to use the tablet for room service (doesn’t seem to be sea eats at this time)
  23. Thanks for all the details. Good to know that even though delivered in a pouch that you get pretty good utensils vs. all plastic. Is the full menu available 24 hours? i.e. could you have steak or a sandwich for breakfast? Thanks for the info about delivery outside of the room. When I searched this site, someone reported that because you wear the band they can deliver to you anywhere. Maybe for the future?
  24. Hi, We don't often do room service so maybe those who do will share how it works on Virgin? For breakfast do you order the night before? How is the food delivered with plates and silverware? Beverages in papercups? Have you ordered Ship Eats to be delivered other spots on the ship? Generally how long does it take to arrive? How was the food? And the hot question - What about tipping? Any other pointers appreciated. Thanks.
  25. NCL has a variety of specialty dining that has an charge. I think many see that is one of the extra charges. Yet, they still offer the MDRs, the buffet, and the Local (close to 24 hrs.) included which is more that many other lines. I try to focus on what I like vs. what is offered that is an extra charge. Many get upset about a charge for something that they would never use :). Some even get upset looking at a crowded pool or hot tub which they never use anyway. As long as I can get the experience that I like at a good value (whether paid in the fair or extra) then the cruise is a match for me.
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