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  1. I must have missed the well ventilated ships. Every single one of the casinos that has allowed smoking reeked even before opening for business. And the smoke escaped to surrounding areas. On one smaller ship with a small casino (i.e. about 3 people inside smoking) it was tolerable. And then there is Celebrity :). We do know the policies going in - just saying....
  2. If the casino allows smoking, why even bother complaining about it?? Every casino that allows smoking reeks. to the original poster - How about providing details? Where were the rude staff? Dining room, bar servers, stateroom attendant, guest services, where? To Duck down thanks for some useful details.
  3. We also really enjoyed the cornish game hen and coffee basted duck! Great reviewy!
  4. Thanks for the response. Yes, I am sure that you get your food hot/warm. What happens on other lines with food from a counter is that you still have to get your beverage (be able to carry the food and drink?), find a seat, find your cruise mate, etc. and by then your food can be cold (that's why we just pick cold options generally). Sounds like table service might be best for a hot meal. Thank you
  5. Thanks for the new report. Anyone have an idea of the easiest/best way to get a seat and hot food?? On the major lines we have given up on hot food from the buffet. By the time you get back to your seat the food is cold; therefore we have been selecting items for lunch that are best served room temp or cold. Should we go with same philosophy in the Galley, ie. food best served cold like a sandwich??
  6. Thanks for the report on the curry and snapper. Have never eaten anything on other private islands except jerk chicken, just too ordinary and heavy. I will give these a try. Thanks for all the reports.
  7. I like to have access to that coffee machine in the early evening. Like looking at the snacks too. Funny how the access is limited because of crowding but many come on and comment on how they don't use the lounge - weeeellll someone must be... Hope this is just for that special event.
  8. Can you share the buy in amounts and structure of the tournaments? Do they have poker table games vs tournaments? What seems to be the skill level of the players? Is there poker on the other ships like Valiant Lady? Thanks.
  9. So far the ugly is passengers behaving badly?? Looking for more good and bad details 🙂 Please keep reporting. Thanks.
  10. My jarring difference is no filet mignon on the child's menu. There are many other changes but that is the one says cost cutting. thanks.
  11. We had the same experience. Just noting that the times are EST in the US. Happy with the spots we got. We are on a 6 night and it would not allow two reservations for dinner on different nights at the same spot. Can deal with that onboard if need be. Did allow reservation for brunch or breakfast. So all good. Thanks to all who shared info, it helped a lot.
  12. No one mentioned Johnny Rockets, Playmakers, or Vintages for lunch? What options for port days? Thanks.
  13. If you want a menu with more choices, you can check out other lines. Just sailed on Carnival (yes, gasp, lovely homeport cruise that we could drive to). MDR was excellent with lots of good choices. I know it is not Celebrity just pointing out that the folks that say all the lines are making the same cuts are not looking around. And would be willing to bet others like HAL, Princess, Oceania, Virgin, Virgin Voyages, etc still have variety. Looking at NCL's menus they too show more choices. Celebrity and Royal are the ones that seem to have the fewer choices.
  14. Are there reports of the wine being confiscated? Or do they just charge the corkage fee? I would bet there are folks who fly into the cruise with wine in their checked bag that don't have a clue that they should have put it in the carry on bag or others who just don't know the policy. Seems like NCL would just collect the corkage fee.
  15. Yes, if the corkage comes from the OBC we might consider dropping the Drink package since we 90% of the time enjoy good wine vs. other alcohol. Wine by the glass tends to be fairly ordinary. If the drink package included bottled water and specialty coffee, then no decision about keeping it. Thanks for info.
  16. Thanks for your review. We got off of Vista on 9/16. Did not do a review (just too lazy). Here are a few of our observations; had a balcony cabin and traditional Early dining at 6. Agree that the housekeeping was 10/10. Agree loved the IMAX. Food - We were very happy. MDR was excellent, Good variety, good food, and great service. Stand outs were the cornish game hen, coffee glazed duck and "cold water" lobster. But all was very acceptable. Entertainment each night in the MDR with a wonderful singer. Buffet - was good. Really enjoyed the Sandwiches. We had at least 6 of the cold sandwiches. We ordered on Focacia or pretzle bun since we do like a softer bread - chicken salad, ham and cheese, etc, all good. We ate most of breakfast and lunches outdoor at the very aft area near the Seafood Shack. Lovely views and quiet. Went to seaday brunch close to closing; had to wait 30 minutes for food; the food was excellent especially the Voyage Burger. Also enjoyed, pizza, Guys' and Cucina for lunches. All very good. Guy's BBQ was tooooo salty, not a hit for us. One specialty dinner at JiJi's. Very delicious and a lot of food. Very good value. Just a note about the heat - It was hot. We avoided being outside early in the cruise. Later we did early mornings outside in areas like the pool tables and mini golf. Enjoyed Mahogany bay as a laid back dip in the sea. Casino was smokey but no more than typical for ships that allow smoking in the casino. It was a very nice homeport cruise. Great value. Again thanks for the review that brought back memories.
  17. We love the NCL policy on carry on wine. We did not have OBC before when we cruised. But this time we do. Will the corkage fee (for our carryon wine) be paid with OBC?
  18. But wine is not always "caught" in the the checked bag. Many will risk the wait in the naughty room for the chance their bag just arrives and they don't have to pay the corkage fee. Any have experience on NCL with wine in the checked bag?
  19. Thanks for the information that there is quite a bit of seating. Are there reports from full sailings about how the reservations are working? If there is much difficulty getting into the dining rooms, then we will not be happy. In the past, we had trouble getting specialty dining on Oceania and that is still a very bad memory. FYI we are pretty flexible but a reservation later than 9pm would not be good. Thanks.
  20. I had a black and tan Schnitzel registered as Weiner Schnitzel with the AKC. Tons of personality and intelligence. Miss her alot. thanks for the picture.
  21. Your suggestion is kinda like what Royal does; but they can't start YTD until 7p. Early dining is around 5:15p. And a reason that we and lots of others do not like the way Royal does it - 5:15 is too darn early. On Royal we do anytime and stand in a line if we go earlier than 7:30 or do the Unlimited Specialty Dining Package. The way Carnival does it makes traditional dining our choice. Hopefully the OP can get either changed to early dining or get anytime set to be earlier than 7. I would bet that the Matrie D can make them happy. Lots of different choices.
  22. We loved the Cove balcony on Vista. We picked the one that is not under lifeboats but it is in line with the gangway/boarding area. Only negative is that it is a bit of a hike to food/entertainment and the elevators do take awhile. So if you can't stand or don't like waiting for an elevator, then you might want a different location.
  23. no discount on the refill, but you get more beverage in the tumbler than in a regular glass.
  24. So 6 night cruises allow for 3 reservations per restaurant? I have seen it reported that the 3 reservations start at 7 night. I hope it is 6 nights. Thanks.
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