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  1. here is a recent thread with good stuff in it. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2962547-what-is-everybodys-favorite-carnival-alcoholic-drink/
  2. Yes, I did not want to lose what was entered so hesitated to reinstall. Finally, did so and the info was still there. Got it done in only 2 hours 🙂
  3. Thanks for sharing about the corkage fee. For what it matters, we prefer to pay a reasonable fee like $15, and have the wine served properly in the restaurant; can do that on all the major lines. So far have not ever carried a "large" glass to a dining room. Will have to consider what to do on Virgin.
  4. I can get all the way to step 7 then I just get the RED V spinning. Is this a crash? What to do? It has been spinning for about 15 minutes.
  5. Is there a corkage fee for carry on wine? Can that come from both bar tab and/or loot? Casino? Poker tournaments? Up charge food in restaurants?
  6. Just back from Vista. Went up to Red Frog the first morning when it was quiet. Asked about the tumbler since it was not on display. They had the colored translucent ones for 7.50 or $8.85 total - empty. Then you could use it for your drinks. They filled it with whatever you ordered at the bars. I got virgin drinks at the Lido Red Frog and the Atrium bar. The tumble did hold more than the standard drink pour. Really used it a lot for iced tea, lemonade, and water as well (always filled it using a cup, not directly from a spigot 🙂 ). They also had other souvenir glasses such as sharks. Seems like if you want a particular glass, you need to ask.
  7. Yes, Vista did have the machine with the beans at the top on the Lido. I saw them empty the grinds from the bottom. That coffee was fine.
  8. I thought it was the oil company.. The one that used to sponsor Masterpiece Theater. Now that would definitely prove the times they are a changin.
  9. Last time I was shopping the herb/vitamin section of the grocery store, there was a CBD section for items helping sleep, stress relief, etc. Is this what the hoo hah is about? If so, then I guess it is one of those items like bottled water that is against the rules.
  10. If it is your first time visiting europe, you can spend alot of time doing tons of research that may not pay off. Most pick one of two cruise itinaries for their first trip - British Isles or Med. Just pick one of those is the shoulder season and most likely you will be hooked and will do other options in the future. You can't see it all in one trip 🙂
  11. so nothing has changed in the MDR?? most of the comments about banquet food, etc, could have been written 20 years ago? Do appreciate the changes in free venues for lunch 🙂
  12. It seems that everything is being split. Celebrity tries to split the experience onboard with the cabins that get special treatment such as dining. So my take is that the poster/reviewer needs to state which world they are cruising in before they give their opinion. Alot of the posts have no bearing on what on the experience I will have in my ordinary balcony cabin. We don't need to split the board but the poster needs to state their reference point. Thanks.
  13. Yep, it is a lie in the black and white world like almost all advertising and marketing such as "best food", "lowest price", "limited time offer", "price guarantee", etc. Most people have learned to beware of that advertising/marketing speak. There is no easy way to punish the "false" promises so they continue. For many life is to short to get too excited about these "falsehoods". Book at a price you like and if you get better great, else enjoy the deal you got.
  14. ha! you are so funny, sneaking package food... We will order what we can eat - probably 2 appetizers, one entree, two vegetables, and one dessert. They can charge us what their policy is in that specialty. We will ask for an extra plate so that we can share and not waste food. If they charge two specialty dining vouchers, then it is what it is and we will not return. If they charge one dining voucher and something a la carte that's fine. If it all goes on one voucher, we will be very happy. Thanks to all for the reports.
  15. Things change. Many people like the cut down version of cruising. Don't like fancy food, organized entertainment, attentive service, etc. Any business will adjust to the market. So far, we have found that most lines still provide the options we like either included or at a reasonable extra charge. Just have to adapt to the changes. And yes land vacations are a good option, but we don't find the prices and service any better than a cruise.
  16. Some of us are so out of touch. What does watching TV mean? If you mean the major networks, then your view may be correct. BUT most in the US do not watch the major networks. They view their favorites via cable or streaming services. Apple TV (against all the naysayers) has made a profit on their bet that the US would watch MLS already in just a few months. NBC is betting on Premier league ( both with streaming and network). CBS betting on Seria A. ESPN has several league including La Liga. Agree that advertising does usually miss the mark for seniors. But they do continue to advertise to the markets that they think they can influence. Try to predict the future it will keep you humble.
  17. Yep, agree you want to say hungry/thirsty; that's why I am so curious about Vintages being an option to lunch/late lunch. Thanks.
  18. The one constant is change. Everywhere in all parts of life. How you handle the change is the key to happiness. Setting your expectations correctly helps (thanks to everyone who shares the current information). Those planning the trip of a lifetime,etc. might be setup for disappointments if they are not realistic. Enjoy yourself now, in the moment, if it turns out that you can find a better experience somewhere else then take that chance to enjoy yourself.
  19. Regarding Vintages, any other recent comments on whether it is included in UDP or not? We have one yes and one no. Thanks for all reports.
  20. Filet mignon on the kid's menu nightly - that was my backup - guaranteed I had a very good choice avaliable each night.
  21. Regarding bottled water - Is there a price difference between buying it online pre-cruise vs. once you are onboard? My preference would be to buy the large bottles as we go if the price per bottle is the same. Thanks.
  22. Not sure but I think the amount of water and soda that you can carry on has changed. And that you are supposed to carry on vs. check it. Also no large coolers are allowed.
  23. Thanks for the report. We could never find a seat in the 6 to 7 time frame. We occasionally could get one in Cafe Bacio at that time. Eden had seating but no entertainment, that probably has changed by now.
  24. Vintages? Someone posted it is always excluded from UDP. I thought I had read that it is included. which is it? Thanks for sharing.
  25. So what does every one think of the Martini Bar on this class of ship? It seemed to be really crowded and loud. Very hard to find seats and that was our experience during the early opening up after the Covid shutdown.
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