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  1. This is an old thread that has a post that states if the specialty is open then you can use the UDP which what I experienced the one time I had the UDP a year ago. Please report your experience (it might even be worth opening a new topic before your cruise to specifically ask about the lunches; I am 45 days out and want to know as well).
  2. Wow, please share more about your experience on harmony. I really want to have lunch on port days at sabor at 2. And at Johnny rockets. what other restaurants did you try?
  3. Not much entertainment on Oceania that compares to royal. Is there an equivalent to traditional dining with a set time each night?
  4. Any info regarding my last question? Regarding booking the reservation online ahead of time and then getting a refund because you have UDP - has anyone ever had an issue getting the refund? How and when do you get it? Is there anything in writing that you can use to help get the refund. Would really like to reserve the lunches ahead of time. Thanks
  5. Regarding booking the reservation online ahead of time and then getting a refund because you have UDP - has anyone ever had an issue getting the refund? How and when do you get it? Is there anything in writing that you can use to help get the refund. Would really like to reserve the lunches ahead of time. Thanks
  6. Covid restart?? That was a while back. I think the general comments on food dipped then recovered a bit. Just go read recent reviews on the ship you are sailing. Focus on the food that you want to enjoy - buffet, MDR, or specialty dining.
  7. Accidents with luggage happen everywhere. Not sure about the "very dangerous" description. If the escalator situation is "very dangerous" hopefully they designed in enough elevators to handle everyone. Looking forward to the new terminal.
  8. Thanks to all who shared their experiences. Just reserved North Lot. Looking forward to no shuttle ride 🙂
  9. Thanks for mentioning Royal. Just booked our entertainment for a royal cruise - 5 different things, the diving show, ice show, 2 musicals, and comedy. Looking forward to having entertainment most nights. Royals musicals don't seem to be as good as NCL's version of broadway shows but at least they are an option. Have not been to game shows. Only once or twice to the old show based on newlyweds. Just not interested in them compared to production style entertainment. Hope NCL rolls out new shows - makes a difference to some of us.
  10. Anyone else? in particular lunch options on port days?
  11. For the med a smaller ship may give significantly more time in port and different ports. They can go to smaller ports and disembark process is usually much quicker. Seaborne would be my choice based on your list.
  12. Well, the suggestion that RCCL may go to only the buffet included could be right. However, the other lines seem to be adding included casual dining spots as well as keeping their Mdr menus. Each line will do what they think their target market will support.
  13. The dining will not be apples to apples. i think the older rccl has only two specialty restaurants so unlimited dining has little choice. Also in general ncl will have more choices in the buffet and on the mdr menus. as well ncl has an included pub diner. Ncl may be significantly better dining wise.
  14. Thanks for the report. Was the charge $5 even or did they add gratuity?
  15. Still don ‘t see a report of an actual charge? Anyone have first hand experience of being charged?
  16. Perhaps you expected too much from a main stream line? All the main stream lines except celebrity allow smoking in the casino. Also they all tend to have inferior beef in complimentary restaurants. Smaller ships have fewer choices for entertainment; some would prefer the options you had. ncl tends to be favoured by cruisers who like the casual/freestyle environment including the many specialty restaurants.
  17. Here's our report from the Breakaway Dec 24. We had 4 SDP credits - Used the 1st one in Cagney's by stating we wanted to use 1 and have the second dinner do a la cart. Shared all courses of the SDP order and a la cart appetizer. Waiter brought check and pointed out he had only charged the SDP. Perfect for us, still left some of the ribeye. Went to Cucino; was seated. Then told the rules. Asked to share one credit. They checked; it was ok. Shared one app, one pasta, and steak (was way too salty), one dessert. Plenty of food. Got receipt showing one credit charged. Le Bistro at front desk told we only had one credit that two had been used in Cucino. Told him that was not correct. He checked the details and corrected. We used 2 credits in Le Bistro. Left some food but not enough to worry about. Best dining experience for us - had the duck and the lamb. So we made the credits work, don't really like the fine print. It is what it is.
  18. Yes, we know what the policies are. Any actual experience were it was charged/enforced? Thanks.
  19. Anyone actually see a charge for the third entree? Is it $5, $5 plus grat, $5 plus tax??? Is this just a policy that does not get enforced? Thanks.
  20. True, I had forgotten that point. However, at some point, all cruise reservations have cancellation costs (like the non refundable deposits). So booking when you are not sure about what you will receive can have a cost for anyone, any where. If you are more flexible about cabin, dates, itineraries, ships, etc. then you can book later with less exposure. Might help mitigate the risk of unwelcome changes. The cancellation terms and conditions have always made a cruise riskier than many travel options. Insurance helps but at a cost.
  21. One solution: Be flexible and do not book with non refundable deposits.
  22. We tried Valiant Lady in Nov. and really enjoyed the cruise but then we typically enjoy all the different cruise lines. The biggest difference to Celebrity is the ship and entertainment. The spaces on Virgin are smaller and starker. The entertainment is louder and more modern. That's a generalization; this thread has more detail:
  23. Yes, and for many years when they added the buffet it did not have many choices and had very limited hours.
  24. In the good old days, there was smoking allowed in the cabins and balconies. The formal dress code was enforced as well as the informal dress code. The cabins were smaller. The pools and decks were simpler. There was the buffet and the dining room with assigned seating and they had limited hours. No drink packages. The entertainment was the big shows twice per night, some strings or big band music, and the disco at night. Don't think a cruise line can exist that has not changed in some way from the very traditional model.
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