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  1. That's unfortunate. Happy exploring in other places!
  2. Agree with @mwike - we are currently booked on the China Discovery 10-day cruise out of HK (Shenzhen) in Octobber. Very excited to see and experience the differences between the standard Viking and the Yi Dun! We will be in Japan the week before this exploring Japan on our own and it fit into the flights already booked to and from Osaka so we decided to cut our Japan trip short and go to China. I have been to China many years before and find it fascinating and the people are very friendly and hospital.
  3. https://www.mapshop.com
  4. Thanks for the info on the border crossing- hopefully Viking can figure it out since we are using them to cross the border with the transfer. Hopefully you will do the Japan cruise and report on it!
  5. I believe we go through passport check upon boarding or existing the bus. When I looked at doing it oursevles, I read: When traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, you will pass through standard immigration checkpoints, including security checks, at the Futian Port. You will also pass through security and immigration at the Hong Kong station before getting on the train. In any case since we will be 10 days in China we will need a tourist visa most probably anyway (from the US). Will see where and how we go through passport control. We were going to do our own travel from HK but it was going to get more complicated and really waste time as we are in Japan before the cruise and will be going from KIX to HKG. We were going to stay in HK one night before the cruise but it wastes too much time ultimately as we will fly from KIX to HKG and get picked up and taken to the ship all the same day. Ultimately I am interested in the whole trip. 9 days on our own in Japan and then the 10 day cruise.; It should be great!
  6. We decided to use Viking for our airport transfer. We arrive at HKIA at noon on embarkation day and will be met by Viking and transferred by bus by Viking to Shenzhen cruise port where we will be embarking on the Yi Dun. Have been told it’s a 48 min bus ride.
  7. if you are in Terminal B for both it is just walking to the other gate. They may check your passport or have to show it when you board - that is about it. While in Athens eat at O Thanasis our favorite restaurant!
  8. There are no customs leaving the US. No security at JFK when arriving from US airport. 2 hrs is more than enough. The connection at JFK is just like a normal US connection but you may have to change terminals at JFK but the skytrain is good. If changing terminals you MAY have to go through security again but it depends on the terminals. Enjoy Athens our favorite city!
  9. unfortunately that is correct 😞
  10. From what I have learned, there is still normal Viking fare and Manfredi’s is the same and the pool grill is also the same. The Restaurant has Chinese and Western cuisine. Not sure if Mansens exists or not. We are the opposite and want Chinese/Asian cuisine. In any case it’s not for everyone and there are unknowns for sure.
  11. Hong Kong Cruise terminal shows the Yi Dun scheduled. Or is this in error?
  12. You seem to be very knowledgeable- please let us know if you learn more between now and October when we embark for the China Discovery cruise HK to Shanghai. Thank you.
  13. We start in HK- so hopefully they will tell us where to go when we get closer to the cruise!
  14. Yes on the world cruise!
  15. You can request a new invoice in MVJ under your account which is under your name at the top of MVJ.
  16. It’s a long day but doable. in any case, enjoy your trip!
  17. Can you add a day trip to Matsumoto or Mt Fuji?
  18. We just booked the China Discovery cruise - just the sailing portion as we were going to be in Japan during that time anyway and this fit into our schedule and flight back to the US from Japan and it is relatively easy to go to HKG and back from PVG to Japan. We are cutting our Japan trip short to go on the Yi Dun on October 24.. I wish I knew more about the ship, crew, food, entertainment, excursions, etc., so if anyone knows anything or finds out anything please let me know! If not, I guess we will find out!
  19. Does anyone know what changes they made to the Sun to make it the Yi Dun? Are the crew mostly from China? Food chinese influenced? Is it mainly for the Chinese market or US?
  20. Does anyone know what changes they made to the Sun to make it the Yi Dun? Are the crew mostly from China? Food chinese influenced? Is it mainly for the Chinese market or US?
  21. No snorkeling but some swimming and holding onto the trampoline or mats or sitting on them. Still great fun! Too deep to see anything underwater.
  22. Almost never receive compensation for missed ports.
  23. I would think that 1 1/2 hrs is fine. Weather should be ok. Only risk is delayed flight out of COS.
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