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  1. Almost never receive compensation for missed ports.
  2. I would think that 1 1/2 hrs is fine. Weather should be ok. Only risk is delayed flight out of COS.
  3. Sometimes those Grand Voyages can cost more than a world cruise though.
  4. I agree totally. For places that we want to explore in-depth, we like DIY. For places that are more suited to cruise (e.g., French Polynesia, Greek Islands, Norway, Greenland, Caribbean) we are doing cruises. Cruising is a lot more expensive but includes more and is easier - no waiting for transportation, moving luggage, checking in and out, and knowing where you are going to sleep and eat, but there is a price for that.
  5. Much smaller and with shower curtains in their regular cabins.
  6. We greatly preferred Viking to Azamara. Their ships are old and worn and we did note feel as welcomed as we do on Viking. They have no included excursions except for the Azamazing Evening which is a great event. The ships are smaller than Viking which is a positive. Their excursions seem to be a bit smaller in size.
  7. Wind Spirit Motu beach break was the best day on our cruise! Incredible vistas, bar, lunch, snorkeling, relaxing!šŸ˜Ž
  8. Clay is referring to me šŸ˜€. We did a back to back cruise on Wind Spirit in Tahiti (French Polynesia) for a total of 14 days (7 each). The sailing ship was amazing. Only 136 pax. Crew were so friendly and there was a very high service level. Only one restaurant on this small ship but food was excellent. Local fish was amazing but or course we were in FPšŸ˜Ž! AMA.
  9. We are traveling internationally on Oct 2. Hoping for the best. Major issue in the past were sick outs for TSA who will not be paid but will receive back pay - but the sick outs did not occur until a few weeks into the shutdowns. Also, TSA and ATC workers declined overtime so there could be some delays. I assume the workers will also be grumpy as I would be if I was working and not getting paid. Good luck with your trip!
  10. No fee for specialty restaurants. You will be able to get reservations once on board. Everyone is equal once you are on board. No fee for thermal suite either.
  11. What promo code did you originally use?
  12. Anyone see any specials for the Australia and New Zealand cruise in Jan 2025?
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