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  1. Thank you. Works well on IPhone. US user.
  2. Very happy for you and Mike! It will be amazing!
  3. I agree...if you swim gently you can swim against the current but you are not going to do a full crawl stroke. I really love the thermal pool though!
  4. No it’s not but it is wonderful and very relaxing.
  5. Thank you for the information. I am getting excited!
  6. Is it possible to get a reservation at Candles upon embarkation that first night in Papeete? Does it fill up quickly the first night? Where do you go to book it once onboard?
  7. Wow! We are on Windstar in October on the Wind Spirit. Looking forward to it! First time in FP!
  8. We also canceled a cruise and waited over a month with no refund. It turned out that since our cruise was booked with the old system they no longer had our credit card number. I used special_requests@azamara.com and got a response and was able to get them our credit card number and received it the next day.
  9. Sounds like it is not much of an issue! Thank you!
  10. We will be going on the Wind Spirit in October for the first time. We would like to avoid smokers. It seems like the ship is too small to have a smoking area? Is there one and where is it on the Wind Spirit? Has anyone had issues avoiding second hand smoke?
  11. Upon further review of the T&C for Tripmate: 1) For CFAR, it clearly states that "The maximum amount covered under this “Cancel For Any Reason” Waiver is Your Trip Cost. Trip Cost is defined as “Trip Cost” means the amount you paid for your Trip. 2) For Trip Cancelation (for a covered reason such as illness) it states: Coverage We will reimburse you, up to the amount in the Schedule, for Trip Cancellation Covered Expenses, if you are prevented from taking your Trip due to any of the Unforeseen Covered Events listed below. ... 1. forfeited, prepaid, non-refundable, and non-refunded published Payments that you paid for your unused Trip. Should you elect to reschedule your Trip instead of cancelling, in lieu of covering these expenses we will pay for Change Fees charged by your Travel Supplier; 2. the monetary value of your travel voucher that you redeemed for your Trip So, if you go by what is clearly states it would not cover the monetary value of your travel voucher for CFAR but would for Trip Cancelation. And as others have stated, you need to go by what it states in writing and not what anyone at Viking tells me.
  12. I have read the terms and conditions of Tripmate. It is absolutely true the it is in two parts but for CFAR it does not clearly state whether or not the monetary value of the vouchers used to purchase the cruise is covered. For a covered reason, for cancelation or trip interruption, it DOES clearly state that the monetary value of the voucher is covered. How do I obtain written confirmation for the CFAR to cover the monetary value of the voucher?
  13. The person I spoke to at Viking did not know the answer. Will call again next week to see if someone else knows the answer. Unfortunately, the person I spoke to gave me incorrect information about the policy in general. She was very nice but was not fully informed about Tripmate.
  14. I see and have been told that Tripmate will now cover the monetary value of vouchers used to purchase a cruise. "Coverage We will reimburse you, up to the amount in the Schedule, for Trip Cancellation Covered Expenses, i..... the monetary value of your travel voucher that you redeemed for your Trip." This is for trip cancelation and for trip interruption. However, will Tripmate cover the vouchers used if you cancel for any reason? I do not see this in the T&C's.
  15. Love Viking and their food and their bakery, but in my experience they aren’t so good at pita bread.
  16. I canceled a cruise on June 28. So I guess I need to wait at least another month to receive a refund?
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