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  1. Rabin1 - Did the car service say where they meet you - outside baggage area, or curb side with a sign?
  2. Can you find out the time for the last colour tag for disembarkment. We are not in a rush to leave as we plan on having a car service pick us up and drop us off at our hotel. We will need to tell them a time for pick up.
  3. Plan on doing Hawaii cruise roundtrip from LAX and staying at Crowne Plaza hotel. Never used LAX airport before. Will probably use Air Canada from Toronto (YYZ) Canada. Will taxis be outside the airport? How much would a taxi cost be from LAX to the Crowne Plaza hotel?
  4. I was on the Sky May 28-June 11 out of Southampton. I asked Guest Services 2 different times if we needed a Covid test for the second cruise, I was told you needed a Covid test to embark on the ship not Britain, you would get tested if the country you are docking at needs a test to enter their country. We were visiting Norway so no test.
  5. I printed all my coupons. I took the page which included the coupon for the casino, get $10 spend $20. The cashier cut out the coupon and added the $10 to my casino account.
  6. If going to Southampton on embarkment day checkout - www.internationalfriends.co.uk they go from certain London hotels with a stop at Stonehenge then to Southampton docks.
  7. When I stayed in Winchester in 2018, I used National Express Coach from LHR, the Coach stopped in the middle of Winchester. May 27, 2022, I used National Express Coach from LHR to Winchester to Southampton final stop Bournemouth. The Winchester stop was at a car park, I did not see any taxis around. I don’t know how you would get into Winchester.
  8. Thanks for the helpful information. I will contact them. They had 3 franchises not sure if all have sold yet or in the process of selling. I was dealing with owner. They were in business for 15 years and not having an income over 2 yrs decided it was time to sell.
  9. I had booked National Express LHR to Southampton on Friday May 27. On May 26 I received an email that National Express was switching the Coach to another Coach company for May 27. While waiting for the Coach at LHR, I talked to a driver about the email I had received. He said that 5 coach routes including the LHR to Southampton had been cancelled the day before due to lack of drivers and Coach mechanical problems. Our Coach had a different name on it as National Express had hired a coach from another Coach company.
  10. My CDN travel agency, I have used for the past 9 yrs has been sold. The owner told me my March 2023 and Nov 2023 and my friend’s Nov 2023 are being transferred to Princess and I will be the contact person for all 3 bookings. The bookings would have the same booking numbers and everything would be the same. He is suppose to let me know when it has been done. On my Nov 2023 bookings, I noticed yesterday, from Princess website that my 2 side by side cabins (which I had picked for the size) were available for anybody to book. Today, I looked and one cabin has been taken. I did a Live Chat and the bookings are still listed with the agency and they won’t talk to me. The owner is no longer interested in dealing with it. Should I wait until they have been transferred over before calling Princess? For my Nov 2023 booking, I have $500 OBC (from a promo) and $85 OBC (from agency) for the cabin. The category is a BD balcony. I noticed a BE category is a little $ cheaper with a bigger balcony size. If I decide to change from a BD to a BE, would I loose all my OBC’s?
  11. I paid $44 CDN for WiFi. Refunded $35US on the ship for WIFI. Internet manger said it was for 3 days of not being able to use the WiFi on a 7 day cruise. I was glad I went to see him, he said he had applied the refund to my account at the beginning of the cruise. I showed him it had not appeared on my account so he reapplied . I would not had known about the refund if I had not visited him for the third time.
  12. Looking forward to any reviews you do Good lucky with your flights.
  13. You can go to Guest Services onboard and they will move the OBC to the other person.
  14. On the Sky June4-11 Norwegian Fjords, I received $35 refund for 3 days of WiFi. I had purchased WiFi ($44 Elite price) not the Plus package.
  15. I was on the Sky May 28-June 11. I got off went you got on. During the June 4-11 cruise, there was a emergency alarm go off, something about the engine. June 4-11 cruise, Wednesday June 8 and Thursday June 9, the port times changed, (we still had the same amount of time in ports) due to engine problems. I always book my flights EzAir with Princess. I was wondering for in the future, how people contacted EzAir - - did people have to contact EzAir themselvies - did EzAir automatically change their flights - go to Guest Services or Captain Circle to inquire what to do - how did they find out about their new flights The WiFi was bad going through the Fjords June 4-11, I received $35 refund = to 3 days of WiFi. I purchased WiFi separate not in the Plus package. On June 11, my sister had a non stop 2:05pm flight with a Princess transfer and I had a non stop 5:05pm flight with a post cruise excursion to LHR. Both of us would have had EzAir change our flights. Most planes are now travelling full making it hard to put other displaced passengers on another flight. I wonder how many passengers will be staying at hotels for a night or two.
  16. Wonder where the home port will be and where it will sail to?
  17. Do you find print luggage tags in Celebrity website Manage My Booking or on Celebrity app? Is after Check In?
  18. I do not see a thread for St Vincent like the other islands. What is there to see on this island? Tour companies? Beaches?
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