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  1. We have been cruising since 2003. This year I will have a special birthday having only recently retired. We have never felt out of place on any ship. I agree with Gr J Berkshire here the mix of guests on Regent is what makes the cruise special. Each cruise is different and also location of cruise is different. We had our best cruise ever on Navigator in 2014 on a Canada New England itinery. We had previously taken this route in 2004 on Celebrity cruises. I think at that time we were possibly the youngest guests, but we had a wonderful time and we still keep I touch with dear friends from California and Kentucky. A cruise is what you make it whether with others or keeping your self to your self. Jean
  2. Swansong our Spelndour cruise was cancelled for next week, the 16th. We opted for the £ refund route. Our TA put the application in on Tuesday morning. We know this will take some time to be processed and refunded, as Regent Southampton working from home and our TA are working in a closed office only 2 on duty at a time. I hadn’t considered the commission to be honest with you. She obviously deducted the substantial discount that she always gives us, that’s fine. We have a second cruise booked for November. Who knows what will be happening then , too many things to consider before then. I think personally you just need to do what is best for you. Having a large amount of FCC sounds good, but trying to find an itinery that you like and also timing working around work schedules is the problem for many people. I had a look few days ago for alternatives for next year. Many cruises were getting booked up, or appeared that way online and also not suitable time wise. Hope you can find a good TA that you are comfortable with. Am sure you will get some good replies for your question, sorry I am not in the clear about it myself. Jean.
  3. Thanks for giving us this update.. I was thinking about your family while watching this on the news today. Glad they are in their way home. Jean.
  4. Sheila and Dave, Thanks for the replies. Our TA asked about using the FCC to pay balance for November booked cruise and apparently it has to be a new booking only. I think you must be boarding as we leave Splendour in November? We’ve never cruised so late in the year to the Mediterranean, but it was perfect for a special birthday date for me, so we will look out for you and Herb and wave. Jean.
  5. Marcia your final world cruise post has filled me with tears too, reading your beautifully written words. I can just imagine your emotional farewell walk from the Mariner, with all your new friends and wonderful staff there with heavy hearts too. Such a sad end to an adventure of a lifetime. Your blog provided warmth and entertainment for us all to read. Our gratitude to you for allowing us to share in your Mariner travels. Stay safe and thank you for letting us know you are both home. Jean.
  6. Sheila can I please ask were you able to use the FCC that you recieved to pay the balance on an existing booked cruise for November? This is the question that I asked our TA to ask Regent UK if we could use FCC for our existing November cruise that we booked about last June, and Regent said that it would have to be used for a new booking completely. Sorry if I am putting you in the spot but I am possibly misunderstanding the situation? Thanks much, Jean.
  7. Lana that’s a great blog. Great read and photos . Jean.
  8. Thanks Susan. Yes have to say I was disappointed at Regents response. The April Splendour cruise we booked onboard 2 years ago for my recent retirement after almost 41 years nursing. It’s the most expensive cruise we have taken since we began cruising in 2003. It’s a very substantial amount of £ as we have booked a special suite. Anyway we are very lucky to have an excellent TA who is working on all their client’s behalf. Hope you are staying safe in these frightening times we find ourselves in, Jean.
  9. Yes I was thinking about Lana too. She had quite a travel distance didn’t she to get home? Hope she has reached home safely and has been able to get some food etc supplies in . Her posts were much appreciated and always very positive . Jean.
  10. Daisy this is a shocking story. Surely to goodness they have to be supporting you with the Regent Reassurance? Our next cruise is April 16th. I don’t think for a minute this will go ahead. In preparation our excellent TA contacted Regent and gave us the amount of £ that would be given for the FCC obviously minus the flights, which are 4 in total which was a very substantial amount of £. We would prefer the £ refund as to the FCC as I asked the question as to whether the FCC could go toward our November booked cruise and Regent said no it has to be a new booking which I understand fair enough. Your situation is not acceptable at all. Hopefully Susan (Flossie) will be able to mybe shed some light as I always feel she has much more knowledge in our UK arrangements than I ever will? Hope things get sorted for you. Jean.
  11. Yes likewise had an email this morning for our April 16th Splendour crossing meet and mingle. Our time is 5 hours ahead of you, so excuse me it will be an earlier cheers 🥂 from here. Jean.
  12. Very glad to hear that you eventually got home. Things seem to be getting worse by the hour almost now. Here in Scotland schools closing and like everywhere else all events etc stopped. Very frightening times for everyone. Stay safe and well, Jean.
  13. I am sure you do look much younger than your years. It’s been a long sad journey home for you both with the long flight now to Zurich. I really felt for you on Friday evening, and all of the others intransit to meet the lovely splendour. Take care on the next part of your journey and stay safe. Jean.
  14. Thanks for this really uplifting photo and comments. It’s a tonic to make us smile just like your daily updates and photos. It was good to be able to Sail along with your blog and also the excellent Splendour thread too, as for most of us at this present time it’s the closest thing we are going to manage as our cruises in the very near future are cancelled. Thanks for keeping us all involved . Jean.
  15. Oh those food photos are just so good 😊. What a carry on at the pool area! Sounds like a really unwelcome behaviour towards staff and other passengers? Hopefully they have been put in their place good and proper after that outburst. Thanks for posting , Jean.
  16. This must be a logistical nightmare for all cruise line companies. To be honest I would not like to be in their shoes trying to to from hour to hour having to make drastic changes and cancellations? Its certainly not day to day at the moment. I for one appreciate the updated information here on CC, obviously not what we all want to hear but at least it’s a valuable source of information for us all. Jean
  17. Thanks Susan. We are going to wait until the 48 hours which is a relief not having a shorter timescale. Our main concern is my husband works abroad and he would possibly not be able to return there after being in any countries of known CV which sadly is getting to be too few places without people affected with the virus. I am grateful to Regent changing the timescale . Jean.
  18. Yes I have spoken to our TA about this too and she phoned UK Regent and they are adamant it’s cruise only fare FCC refund only. I for some reason thought with a “package” as purchased from Regent all under one ATOL number it was secure. She explained that the flights are non refundable likewise the pre cruise hotel. However if it’s a forced overnight stay as In transatlantic should that not be included in cruise fare? 🤔. I know I am not fully up to speed with consumer laws, so I may be mixed up here. Jean.
  19. Thanks Susan I had an idea you would have insight into this. Yes I will go and see our TA tomorrow. Jean.
  20. I am sure under our ATOL protection and package booking with Regent you will be covered? I know that Susan( Flossie) might have a better idea but I think thats the case? Thats a lovely cruise and holiday you have booked. Its all so sad for everyone involved in this situation. Our cruise is a TA, from New York on Splendour. We had booked this in 2018 as a special cruise for my retirement, so we just have to look at the big unfolding picture as we all do and decide what is best. If I hear anything from our TA i will certainly post here. Jean.
  21. I haven’t heard anything either from Regent or our TA. Friends down south also have not heard anything as yet. Jean.
  22. Great to see your live blog again. Can I ask the name of the cocktail the boss was drinking? Definitely looked like my cup of cocktail so to speak 🍸. Always great to see Elvis behind the bar, he is such a lovely man and very good entertainer in Krew Kapers. Looking forward to your daily updates, thanks, Jean.
  23. We are on Splendour next month and as yet have no communication whatsoever. Friends are booked with Cunard in May and also September, they were contacted re cancellation policies if they wished to take that option. Jean.
  24. This week it was the Carribean. 😊. To be honest the more you read and hear each day it seems to be completely confusing. I was in town yesterday and it’s like a panic mode approach in the shops and especially in the pharmacy stores with no antibacterial gels or wipes to be had. Jean.
  25. Susan thanks for posting this as I have been looking on the website and thinking I don’t see any information here. Plenty time for advertising tho as Graham’s weekly recommendation email just popped in ! Jean.
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