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  1. The person I spoke to at Viking did not know the answer. Will call again next week to see if someone else knows the answer. Unfortunately, the person I spoke to gave me incorrect information about the policy in general. She was very nice but was not fully informed about Tripmate.
  2. I see and have been told that Tripmate will now cover the monetary value of vouchers used to purchase a cruise. "Coverage We will reimburse you, up to the amount in the Schedule, for Trip Cancellation Covered Expenses, i..... the monetary value of your travel voucher that you redeemed for your Trip." This is for trip cancelation and for trip interruption. However, will Tripmate cover the vouchers used if you cancel for any reason? I do not see this in the T&C's.
  3. Love Viking and their food and their bakery, but in my experience they aren’t so good at pita bread.
  4. I canceled a cruise on June 28. So I guess I need to wait at least another month to receive a refund?
  5. What is the email address for Carol please?
  6. Good idea to file an extension. Yes you have to be sure you have paid all tax liability. Can send money in when you file the extension. alternatively you can do your taxes onboard during a few sea days.
  7. Hi there - we are in Colorado Springs. Do you know if they will deploy the sails during this transpacific? From what I can tell the trade winds seem to mainly come from the east unless I am reading it wrong?
  8. What is a good source of nautical charts to plot our course while crossing the Pacific from Tahiti to Costa Rica?
  9. I generally try to get at least 2c per mile. For economy this is $1629/68500= 2.3c, for Premium economy $2289/127000= 1.8 c per mile, and for Biz $4585/167000= 2.7. These are decent. Not great but decent.
  10. If cost is not an issue, go with the Penthouse Junior Suite or PV. All PVs are the same as far as booking excursions and specialty restaurants are the same. PV1, PV2, PV3 are all the same - only difference is location on the ship. I would not worry so much about specialty dining reservations unless you are really picky about when you want to dine.
  11. Are you sure he can get past it even without the bump out in a DV. It’s a pretty tight fit.
  12. I do need to apologize to all for the mistake of asking about opening the portholes. When I looked at images of the portholes I saw the hinges and clamps and assumed that they opened, with no idea that those were for the covers. I realize now that there is no way they would allow these to open! I am also assuming that one could close the covers on their own if they wanted complete darkness in the cabin? Nevertheless, we are looking forward to our first Windstar cruise and first sailing ship cruise in October!
  13. Thanks for sharing. I will have my cannon and oars ready!
  14. Thank you for the information. Now I get it. The portholes do not open but the covers may be shut in really bad weather.
  15. Has anyone done this tour from Puerto Caldera port to SJO? Looking for what time it drops you off in the airport. Can I make a 2:30pm flight out of SJO. The descriptions says 3pm or later. Hoping to avoid staying in a hotel that day and flying out the next day.
  16. Was it difficult to sleep with the waves hitting the windows?
  17. Sounds wonderful- thought the portholes did open?? did you arrive 2 days early? Did they end the cruise early?
  18. We are considering an ocean crossing on Wind Spirit from Tahiti to Costa Rica. For those that have gone on a transpacific or transatlantic crossing on the Wind Spirit or Wind Star small sailing ship, which is better - deck 1 or deck 2? There seem to be trade-offs - Deck 1 lower on the ship for less rolling, but Deck 2 for less splashing onto the portholes and perhaps more opportunity to open the porthole windows. How much does the deck matter in terms of rockng and rolling and how splashy does it get onto the deck 1 porthole windows while on the open sea?
  19. I started a roll call for this voyage. Please join the roll call if you are going on this voyage. We are Jim and Lynn and just booked it!
  20. We are seriously considering this cruise. Just wondering if we would like 21 days at sea. However being pampered for 3 weeks is not all that bad!
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