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  1. WOW, 99% - that's an incredible number. I will have to be much nicer on what I say about ACT in future 🙂 I guess there are no Byron Bays, Nimbins or Murwillumbahs et al in ACT. When the governments/health authorities began the vaccinations I imagine they we hoping for maybe 75% double dose for 18+. Now it seems maybe 95% of total population is realistic?? A sad thing though is that all the negativity generated by the media (mass & social) and some hysterical and/or opportunistic pollies & some attention seeking 'experts' has caused the loss of a good business for CSL manufacturing AZ locally, employing Australians & keeping the money in Australia. Anyway, moving ahead 🙂
  2. your post reminded me that Tracey & I did a Lake Burley Griffin on a weekend visit a few years ago. I'm putting another one on my list 🙂
  3. Yes it's a long way from Adelaide to Darwin with no stops in between 😮 I suggest that the WA policy will make round Aus trips not viable, and at first there will be loops NSW/VIC/SA/TAS? QLD is an unknown - maybe just QLD cruises.
  4. Don't normally quote myself, but just saw new info: The good news is that a new 2021-2022 Australian domestic program will go on sale Thursday 5th August 2021 from midday AEST, featuring a range of 2- to 10-night coastal cruises from 13th December 2021 to 31st March 2022 on Ovation of the Seas departing from Sydney. The exciting new itineraries include visits to ports such as Eden, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Kangaroo Island, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas, as well as scenic cruising of the Great Barrier Reef, Willis Island and the South Coast of New South Wales. So I guess that means that they don't expect any international cruises to be allowed, but are hoping for domestic ones to take place. or maybe they have just reposted old news that is no longer relevant - I am confused.
  5. yes just saw now on book of faces that RC have cancelled all Ovation cruises 13Dec21 thru 31Mar22. Will have to look at 22-23 season to use our FCC now.
  6. I recall going onboard to see my sister off in the late 70's. From memory it was pretty basic & they had a 4 bunk cabin, and I guess a shared bathroom. My only 'cruise' experience back in those days was the Empress of the Sea ferry Sydney to Launceston & return around 1970, again very basic. Little wonder it was 2011 before we took our first cruise 🙂
  7. We flew Bush Pilots from Mackay to Brampton Island for our honeymoon in 1981. Very small plane & you could reach out and tap the pilot on the shoulder 🙂
  8. That's interesting. I have not been an avid Block viewer, but have kept an eye on it over the years. This year we are watching it closely as someone we know from country music is a contestant. Kirsty Akers & husband Jessie from up your way (Wangi) are on the show - Kirsty is originally from Kurri. The focus of what is broadcast is on the drama & it seems that the some contestants are selected for the drama they will bring & the cross-advertising for other shows on Ch9 rather than their renovation skills. Kirsty and Jessie are doing well & we are hoping they win some money - people in the music business could sure do with some $ with COVID impacting the live music scene.
  9. I'd forgotten about those. Thanks for reminding me - I'm going to have them again soon 🙂
  10. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Gladys - maybe PM from 2026? Or maybe I’ll see her on day on a cruise 🙂
  11. Good luck with all that. I am still hopeful of another visit to Batemans Bay soon (Nov??) - I owe you a drink mate. You'll accept a drink from a Panther, right? 🙂 I was thinking to combine with a trip to ACT - I have an accom voucher I brought last year when I thought COVID would be ok by now 😮I was going to maybe catch up with Mic, but am a bit worried he'll put me to work when I read of the working he is doing in his retirement!
  12. I'm still here Uncle Les, still celebrating 🙂 I didn't drink a case, but did have a few Crownies before, during & after the game & a nightcap of Drambuie (kept for special occasions). Soon to fire up the barbie for a feed and a couple more celebratory Crownies.
  13. I have issues with my phone, which has safari, and no problems on my laptop which has edge. So maybe it is browser related.
  14. I thought your problem had gone from not being able to post to having an echo, echo... 🙂 Sometimes the site is just a bit temperamental I guess.
  15. I'm only cheering for the one team. This will be the first time I have not attended the GF with my team playing, and will have to just watch on TV. Go the mighty Panthers
  16. With due respects to the family of that person, this case should be highlighted in the media as a warning to others (without identifying the person). Last night on ACA they spoke to a doctor in a Melb hospital who told of a seriously ill COVID patient who was asking to be vaccinated now & the doctor had to tell them it's too late now.
  17. Yes we have had that also. 10-12N on land, moving hotels every 1 or 2 days, ahead of the cruise means managing your luggage to suit. We try to cross pack, not cross-dress, when possible. So just a versatile sports jacket & tie for me, and as Julie suggests, we tried to keep the 'cruise-only clothes' in the one bag, & could leave that in the car at some stops.
  18. Ah, the golden rule for polite company - never discuss politics, religion or lawyers 🙂 I think bankers were in there somewhere also 🙂 Oh, and I once get into strife talking about teachers. For the record, I am a scientist & we don't care what people say about us 😉
  19. I have had a second pie as a side at times, or even a sausage roll
  20. Oh, Barnaby in the chair would make for an interesting meeting, perhaps putting 'co-operation' between the national cabinet members back several years.
  21. That's good. Sounds like you are a bit more handy than me 🙂 I have to work so I can pay others to do much of that type of stuff. I have until 1-July to work, if I can put up with it until then.
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