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  1. Did the clocks go forward an hour in the night Ken? Enjoy the motion of the ocean today!😉
  2. If you leave first I think you will sail up river to turn around about where the MSC and P&O ships are berthed. You should have a very pleasant cruise up the English Channel later.
  3. It’s an hour from Civitavecchia to the airport so you would be cutting it fine. Personally I wouldn’t attempt it in case of traffic delays.
  4. Ditto for me. Always Peroni 👌
  5. Hi Ken i see you are berthed at the Cunard terminal as Iona has priority at the Ocean terminal being a P&O ship. Glad to know you are safely on board. You maybe lucky with some sun on your sail away🤞 Bon Voyage
  6. I'll give an update when I'm on board in 4 weeks time, but don't hold your breath!
  7. We were offered an upgrade from our deluxe balcony for our 10 August Med' cruise, but I declined. Too much of a risk ending up in a cabin with the huge glass wall or one with a rubbish view. Very happy with my deck 15 forward choice.
  8. We board the Sun in 29 days time and have read many reviews. I'm honestly not bothered by them. Just looking forward to getting away from the crap weather here in the UK and exploring a brand new class of ship for two weeks in the baking Mediterranean heat.
  9. Welcome to sunny London @Ken the cruiser The summer weather here has been rubbish. I really wish you have a sunny sail away but be prepared for showers!🙄 Peter
  10. The view from the Sun Princess webcam confirms it has docked again today, whilst the Virgin ship is at anchor. I hope this will be the norm' for the rest of the summer🤞
  11. Hi @Ken the cruiser Really pleased you are on this cruise as I'm doing the last 14 days of it next July on Sky. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and seeing the great pictures you take (with no food dishes 👍😂) . Peter
  12. Nothing you have said has diminished my excitement. We board in less than six weeks. Thanks for taking the time to post this review. Very helpful 👍
  13. I was really looking forward to going on the roller glide. It would be the closest I'd get to seeing what I'm missing in the Sanctuary. On a serious note I can understand the frustration and disappointment. We will be on the Sun this August for two weeks and fully accept there will be loads of kids on board. It's why we choose that time of year as I don't want to be on a ship full of coffin dodgers. I am genuinely not bothered if the kids fool around in the pools and hot tubs. It will not put me off using them. As for Park 19 being off limits until it's certified for use in the USA, I'm guessing Princess are fearful of the litigious culture that is more prevalent across the pond. Just MHO!
  14. With no court or netted area, I’m curious to know where they managed to drop the ball!
  15. Booked our 14 night July 2025 Sky Princess cruise last month with the £1 pp deposit. Just checked the Princess website and our standard balcony cabin cost has increased by £500. Happy days!
  16. I’ve booked all our MDR nights on deck 6 at 7.30 pm for our Sun cruise commencing 10 August 2024 via the App.
  17. We had ours on Royal Princess back in 2016 for our 25th anniversary. Well worth the cost but the video was extortionate!
  18. Thanks for this instalment and the "heads up" on EZAir. We fly into Rome from London on the same day we board. Done this for all our Med' cruises and never been a problem. I had also thought Princess would honour their promise if the flight was delayed cancelled. Our back up plan however is that should we miss embarkation we could catch the ship up the next day in Naples!
  19. Why couldn’t Princess just install a flow rider instead of the roll glider. I had such fantastic time learning to surf upright after lots of wipeouts on Allure OTS back in 2019. it was such a leveller too for old gits like me competing with the kids to see who could stand up for the longest.
  20. You describe the essence of each port so well, and we’ve been to these places many times. Thank you.
  21. I guess I’m of the baby boomer generation. Good luck to the millennials with all their money to spend. i just hope they don’t turn into the “entitled” self centred brigade🤞
  22. What an excellent summary. Thank you. Those aft cabins are definitely not for us.
  23. If four wheel mobility scooters can be used on board, can I take my two wheel electric scooter too?
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