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  1. Hands down the best place to stay is the Pier House! Not cheap but EXCELLENT location. We love Bagatelle! Amazing brunch and happy hour!
  2. We ran into the same problem looking for a hotel on October 20, 2023. Taylor Swift is performing in Miami and LOTS of reasonably priced hotels are over $500 per night. We booked a junior suite at the Riverside for a great price! We have never stayed there and are really looking forward to our stay. πŸ™‚
  3. Love these updates!!! Have a fabulous day. We LOVE Key West and have stayed there a few times!
  4. Free drinks ONLY in the Retreat Lounge. They ask for your seapass card at the Retreat Sundeck.
  5. We want to stay in the new tower and are looking at the King Junior Suites. Would these be in the new section? Also which view would be better? Thank you!
  6. If you decide to take the later flight I would book a day room at a hotel so you aren't stuck sitting at the airport all day. πŸ™‚
  7. We have made many flights between 9:30am and 10:30am. We make sure to walk off with our luggage and we do have TSA pre check which helps. The airport is a quick 10 minute cab ride away. There are tons of taxis lined up and waiting at the port. We also fly into Philly which does have many flight options. I would go for it! I HATE sitting around the airport waiting for a flight once my vacation is over.
  8. Wow! I have learned some great information that I pray we never need. Prayers for a complete recovery! Wanda
  9. We were in 7241 two weeks ago. There was a little noise but not too bad. We had a horrible experience last November in a Suite. Make sure the doors in front of the infinite balcony are tightly closed at night and that helped with the noise we heard the first night. πŸ™‚
  10. We have sailed on Edge twice - once in a Suite and once in Aqua. We have sailed on Apex in a regular Infinite Veranda. We sailed on the Beyond in November in a Suite and just disembarked Monday from the Beyond in an Infinite Veranda. We have had amazing cruises on all of them but really enjoyed our latest cruise on the Beyond not being in a Suite. We also did not enjoy the Retreat Lounge but loved the bar at the Retreat pool. We also are not big fans of Luminae. Not being in a Suite we really enjoyed more venues on the ship outside of the "Retreat area". We did miss having the Retreat area to hang out in before getting off of the ship but personally I don't think the prices they are charging are worth it. You will have an amazing time!
  11. Hi. We are on this cruise also. We were on here last November in the Retreat. This time in a regular infinite veranda. My favorite drink at the World Class Bar, Violet Hour used to be covered with the Premium drink package. Now there's an up charge. πŸ™„ Lots of alcohol got moved from the Classic to Premium so we upgraded our package prior to the cruise for a great price of $6.99 per day. Our cabin on deck 7 is a little bit noisy but nothing crazy like our Sky Suite was.
  12. Hi. We are going to Antigua next week and have never been. this is a 10 night caribbean cruise and we have been to all the ports except this one. Just wondering which beach to go to that is close to the port and we can rent an umbrella and loungers and has a bathroom. Thank you for any help including costs.
  13. ) My Dyson airwrap does not work in my cabin. Obviously the plug won’t fit in the magic white box, but it wouldn’t work with an extension cord either. No problem in 2022 but it was a different extension cord. Have you tried using the plug in the bathroom? thank you for sharing your thoughts and sorry about the less than perfect Retreat experience. Cruise prices certainly have soared and it's sad when the experience doesn't match it. Can you tell me who the bartenders in our favorite bar the World Class bar are? We can't wait to be back on board next Friday and will be prepared for the crowds. πŸ™‚
  14. We board on April 12th. We were in a Suite on Beyond last November. The moved us on day 3 because of the loud banging and creaking on deck 10. Looking forward to following along. We also skipped Luminae except for breakfast. We really enjoyed the Oceanview for dinner as we don't like sitting at dinner for 2 hours. Have a wonderful cruise!
  15. Looking to book a cruise for next June. Currently Beyond is the only ship listed. Just wondering what is going on with Reflection? Sorry if this has been answered but didn't find anything when searching.
  16. Take the early flight! When I am done vacation I just want to get home not sit around waiting on a flight all day. They will be kicking everyone off the ship by 9am. We have taken Uber from Miami to fly home from FLL a couple of times. It is only a 30 to 40 minute drive. FLL is an easy airport to navigate. πŸ™‚
  17. @beachhouse I am so sorry you are going through this! We were in Magic Carpet Suite 10168 last November. The loud popping, crackling noise was unbelievable! It even kept my husband awake who can sleep through just about anything! They eventually moved us two nights later to a Sky Suite on the other side of the ship. They relayed to us that they had issues with the noise in our cabin on the previous sailing. People who have not experienced it have no clue how it ruins your vacation. I don't go on a cruise to sleep with noise cancelling earphones or a sound machine which I don't use at home! We have been on over 30 cruises and this is the only cruise we have ever had these issues. We are cruising on her again next month in a regular infinite veranda on deck 7. Praying we have no issues.
  18. Do they ever offer lunch at the Rooftop Grill or just dinner?
  19. They are everywhere! We were in the Retreat in November and they were there. Lots of crew walking around and did nothing about it. We prefer to sit in the shade and watched as chairs sat for hours with personal stuff on them and nobody using the loungers. 😞
  20. Loving your posts! So sorry to hear about your friend Susie. 😞 I lost my mom 15 years ago to pancreatic cancer. Horrible beast! I missing docking in Havensight. I heard from someone that Celebrity has a 5 year deal to dock at Crown Bay. I also prefer the Retreat Lounge on S Class ships versus the E Class. I like to sit at the bar to have my adult beverage not at a chair. πŸ™‚ Just FYI one of my favorite You Tubers, Jay from the Ship Life is on your cruise! Can't wait for more! Wanda
  21. Highly recommend Bernard Tours. Best island tour we have been on. We went all over the island and also had beach time at Orient Beach. They will customize a tour for your needs. https://bernardstours.com/
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