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The Daily for Monday September 20, 2021


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Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day, National Punch Day, and National Gibberish Day

To live is to think. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Meal suggestion for today - German Pork Chops and Sauerkraut

Drink of the Day - Monkey Gland

Wine of the day - Alain Voge 2017 Les Vieilles Vignes (Cornas) Rhône Valley

Destination of the Day - Lerwick Shetland Islands United Kingdom

Ships with Passengers

Juneau, AK
Nieuw Amsterdam 13:00 - 22:00

Rhodes, Greece
Eurodam 00:00 - 17:00

Ships without Passengers

At Sea Pacific
Westerdam Destination Ensenada MX eta 9/26

Corfu GR

Ensenada MX
Noordam Anchorage

Great Stirrup Cay
Nieuw Statendam

Long Beach
Koningsdam Anchorage

Scheveningen NL
Oosterdam Anchorage
Rotterdam Anchorage









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Good morning.  Thanks for the Daily Report.

Interesting collection of days.  A lot of people love pepperoni pizza.   Punch Day reminds me of Hawaiian punch.   Gibberish Day,  I think I've heard enough gibberish lately.  It's election day in Canada.  Get out and vote fellow Canadians.

Interesting quote.

The meal suggestion sounds good - looking forward to seeing the recipe.

I'm not sure about the drink of the day, the name is off-putting.  Hope the wine is good.

We were in Lerwick on the Ryndam several years ago, I'll see if I can find some pictures to post.

Prayers for everyone.

Stay safe.

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Good morning, Friends. Thank you for the Daily, the Lists and the Recipes.


Pepperoni pizza is not a favorite. I like the punches with the sherbet ring. I agree with @puppycanducruiseabout gibberish.


German pork chops sound good, but not a fan of sauerkraut although I have thought about trying it again recently.


I woke up early, 4:15, and couldn't go back to sleep so I've been perusing the CC HAL boards. There's some great information out there.


🙏 and 🎉 for those on our lists.


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Good Monday morning everyone and thanks for the daily report Rich.  I like pepperoni pizza but lately it doesn’t like me.  Punch sounds nice but I always associate it with a celebration. No time for gibberish because to live is to think!  The meal suggestion sounds very nice.  Haven’t been to today’s port yet and look forward to seeing the photos.  Prayers to everyone on our prayer list today.  Cheers to everyone celebrating a happy event today.

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Thank you for the Monday Daily, Rich.  I had pepperoni pizza at the informal reunion gathering Friday, try to avoid gibberish, and used to love punch but don't drink it much any more.  Another great quote from Cicero, inspiration of the name of the town where I stayed Friday and Saturday.  i Think I was in Lerwick my first cruise on the Elegant Explorer.  I love the pork chops but will pass on the sauerkraut.  My alternate menu suggestion is Cardinal Pasta and Lemon Tart as served on the Cardinal September 2017 on the way to Chicago and then Seattle to board the Oosterdam.




Today’s care list:

Welfare of furloughed crews
Western wildfires
cat shepard’s friend undergoing chemo for stage four cancer but responding VERY well
StLouisSal’s friend
Lady Hudson’s BIL in rehab
Seasick Sailor fighting ecoli
Sam in rehab an hour away from home
From the rotation:
HAL Sailor DH health issues
Scout Jamie C recovering from major surgery


Celebrations and Shoutouts

2 BHB with passengers
Front Line Health Care Workers
HAL4NOWat sea
Overhead Fred at the Cottage and negative
Getaway for segarsmoker
lindaler visiting Alabama son
Icand9223 away on river cruise
Irishjim back home recovering
Bruno back home with a diagnosis and treatment plan
SusieKislandGirl in Colorado with grandsons
mamabear smitty34877
Welcome home Himself
and Staff Captain Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)




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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Love today’s combination of days!

Somehow the drink du jour does not sound appealing.  

Another busy morning for me. I guess life is returning to a bit more of my normal schedule. Good, but crazy. Tonight I am going to try one of my Mediterranean chicken burgers in between two slices of my Iceland bread. Not sure if I need to add anything like Mayo. Perhaps a tiny bit of salsa. 

Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone!



Alain Voge 2017 Les Vieilles Vignes (Cornas) Rhône Valley

This wine sounds amazing and has the ratings to match it. Though a bit out of my budget, I would love to taste it. Several online distributors with prices starting at $61.95.

Winemaker Notes

#46 Wine Enthusiast Top 100 of 2020

Situated on slopes at an altitude of approximately 200 metres, facing South-South-East, the vines of our classic wine are on average 60 years old. Their roots delve deep down into old, worn granite rock, called gores locally.

JD97 Jeb Dunnuck:  The 2017 Cornas Les Vieilles Vignes is cut from the same mold yet has a touch more tannins as well as mid-palate density. Notes of crème de cassis, blueberries, camphor, toasted spice, and smoked game all soar from the glass, and it's full-bodied, power-packed, yet elegant and seamless on the palate. Its wealth of fruit largely conceals plenty of underlying structure, and while it's already fun to taste, give bottles 4-5 years and enjoy over the following 10-15 years or more. The old vine cuvée comes from the Combe, Patou, La Côte, Les Mazards, and Chaillot lieu-dits, from 60+-year-old vines, was 80% destemmed and spent 20 months in 15-20% new French oak.

D96 Decanter: Vines with an average age of 60 years from lieux-dits Combe, Patou, La Côte, Les Mazards and Chaillot provide the fruit for this Cornas. It spends 20 months in barriques, around 20% new. There are multiple layers to the aromatic palate: rosemary, thyme, herbal bitters, blackberry, blackcurrant and loganberry. A medium-bodied, concentrated but unforced wine with no excessive extraction, a subtly spiced finish and sinewy, brushed tannins. Detailed, focussed, structured and textural, this is captivating and true to its terroir. 
WE96 Wine Enthusiast: Old vines averaging 60 years and long oak maturation (20% in new oak) lend spicy, sweet notes of cinnamon toast and clove to deeply concentrated black plum and blackberry flavors in this wine. It’s a profoundly concentrated, almost creamy, Syrah balanced by tart cassis acidity and ripe but firm, lingering tannins. Delicious already the wine should show even better from 2022 and improve through 2037. Citadel Trading

WS94 Wine Spectator:  Ripe and compact, with a coiled-up core of blackberry and bitter cherry fruit that should unwind fully with time. Racy iron, savory and plum pit notes on the finish add cut and length. Lovely purity. Best from 2022 through 2038.

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Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists.

Pepperoni Pizzs is a big hit with the younger set. I usually go for a simpple cheese pizza. I've had a few punches that were quite good but most of them were rather blah. 

There is a real gap between Cicero's quote and Gibberish day. Unfortunately many people just don't know how to think.

I love pork and saurkraut. Had it a lot as a kid and still love it today.

Stay safe everyone

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Good Morning everyone! Thank you Rich for the Daily Report, and thank you Roy for the Cares and Celebrations Report. And thank you everyone for caring and sharing.


Grew up in a German Chicago neighborhood when pizza was just getting a foothold so Italian sausage was the go-to topping. About ten years later I delivered pizzas for that same pizzaria where the owner who was Italian introduced me to an  anchovie and sausage pizza. And it has been my favorite ever since. HAL's New York Pizza does a decent version.


Many German meals when growing up even though we were Irish-Swedish. Lots of fish while a kid too but turned my nose up on Lamb with Mint jelly.  



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Quick post of today's drink of the day.

Monkey Gland:

The Monkey Gland is a cocktail of gin, orange juice, grenadine and absinthe created in the 1920s by Harry MacElhone, owner of Harry's New York Bar in Paris, France. Wikipedia
Main alcohol: Gin
Ingredients: 1 3/4 oz Gin, 1 oz Orange juice, 2 drops Absinthe, 2 drops Grenadine
Preparation: Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Drinkware: Cocktail glass


Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 7.53.46 AM.png

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Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report.  I’m a big fan of of today’s meal suggestion.  Pork and sauerkraut is such an easy meal to make and is a must on New Years Day.  I like today’s quote.  I hope everyone has a good Monday.

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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our Monday smile 🙂 


Interesting collection of days - I think I will pass on all of them.  Love pizza but pepperoni is not a favourite thing to have on it - so many other good things to put on instead 😉.   I’ve heard enough gibberish from politicians for the last month and I am tired of hearing it 😞 


Thankfully we won’t be in the Election Day lineups today.  We got the dirty deed of voting over with last week.


Love the quote by Cicero.


German Pork Chops & Sauerkraut - yum 🙂  Both of these recipes are rated very well and just different enough to make a choice.










CC doesn’t like me at all today.  The usual stupid on my regular search engine and chrome has quite on me twice trying to do this post so it’s obvious it shouldn’t be Monday already.  I think I need to start the weekend over again.




Prayers for everyone the Care list & for those that need them and a 🥂 to those on the Celebratory / Shout Out list.


Have a great Monday everyone!!!!!




Stay safe and please don’t forget your masks.


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Good Morning! Well we have another day of rainy weather to look forward too. However, later this week a cool front with early morning  temps in low 60’s! Time to start cooling down the Gulf and end Hurricane Season.


Have a great week and thanks for my free Daily Newspaper. Eleven days to go before we rejoin the MS Nieuw Amsterdam in Seattle! Whose Counting? Moi!

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Good Morning, Dailyites!


Thank you, Rich, for keeping this thread and thank you to all who contribute.  Healing hugs 🤗 to those on the care list and cheers 🥂 to the congratulatory list.


We were in Lerwick on 9/28/2010 during a TA from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale on the Grand Princess (our first Princess cruise).  We took a ship tour that went out to Scalloway where we visited the castle remains.





Along the way we saw some Shetland ponies



A golf course





And nice scenery





When we got back into Lerwick, we went to a local pub and had a bite of lunch.  DH swears these were the freshest and best mussels he's ever tasted!











Now, a bonus for the Garden Club ....



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Good morning everyone. CC is not my friend these past few days. When I respond to this thread it goes as the first post and then doesn't allow me to post, so now trying from my desktop.


I'm one of the few people who doesn't like any kind of pizza.


Yesterday, celebrating our anniversary together at the rehab turned out to be a very nice day. The weather was warm and we were able to go outside to visit and also to sit in their indoor garden. Every once  in a while the plants got misted and so did we.


Today we have a conference with all the therapists, the social worker, and my daughter to discuss what their goals are and when they expect Sam to come home, or in other words how long Medicare will pay for his stay.

Stay safe everyone,


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Happy Monday!  See I can get it right!


Is anyone else having problems replying to threads with an Ipad?  When I hit "reply" it copies the entire thread in my response and won't let me delete the unwanted material.  I had to sign on using Chrome on my Mac.

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Good morning all!  What a nasty rainy dark day it has started out to be!  I wish the southeast could get out of this pattern of weather.  We're going to hunker down inside until all this passes by.  Thanks @richwmnfor today's bright spot, the Daily.  Also thanks to @rafinmdfor keeping up with the lists. Prayers for our Care list, and cheers to those celebrating.   


As for the special days, I love pepperoni pizza but I also love many other ingredients.  As long as it doesn't have anchovies on it, I'll eat it!  Punch day reminds me of my childhood when Hawaiian punch was so popular.  Gibberish Day, well I can't stand it either especially out of a politician's mouth.  My Mother was German so she loved to serve sauerkraut but I'm not a fan, so will pass on the German pork chop and sauerkraut recipe.  No thanks to the drink.


We went to Lerwick in 2015 on a Southampton to New York TA on Caribbean Princess.  A unique note about that cruise.  We got on the ship the same day my SIL and BIL got off!  We both planned cruises and found out later about each other's itineraries.  We have never cruised with them and would prefer it stay that way, if you know what I mean!  😂  We took a tour in Lerwick so I will look for some photos. 



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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  I like pepperoni pizza, punch with a punch, and try not to speak gibberish.


First of all, @mamaofami what a great picture of the two of you - I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the day together.  Hopefully your dear Sam comes home soon.


It's another busy day for us here on the "frozen tundra", as it's time to repot some of the plants I'm planning on over-wintering in the house.  Initially I thought there might be half a dozen coming in, but it looks like we're at least doubling that number.  Thankfully we have 2 bedrooms downstairs with large west facing windows for lots of light, and I can stagger them on the windowsills and the floor.


We'll be out and about a bit today as well, as I have to do some banking, and DH has both a chiropractor appointment and a dental, so we may have lunch out today.    I'm not a fan of sauerkraut, except in perogies, and don't like the way it makes the house smell, so likely won't be making today's dish any time soon.   I do have some leftover burgers in the fridge that will be warmed up along with freshly barbecued lemon-dill potatoes and a salad that will be sitting on our dinner table to night.  And wine.


I'm another who is hoping @Seasick Sailor is getting better; we worry about one another on the Daily!

@KirkNC I think most of us with iPads and iPhones have been having trouble - it comes and goes, so I'm not sure what the real fix is.  I can always get on using my PC, but like to have my other devices able to access it as well if DH is on the PC.


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Raising the glasses high to celebrate all on the happy list.  Be well, stay safe, wash your hands, wear your masks, hydrate, and if you're Canadian, VOTE!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂




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