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The Fleet Report and Daily for Thursday June 23rd, 2022

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@rafinmd, Roy, a very Happy Birthday to you!


@StLouisCruisers,Sandi, Happy Birthday to your DD!I am so sorry DH is still positive

@Quartzsite Cruiser,Lenda I am glad the steroid injection  helped but so sorry your DH has such a struggle  with Spinal Stenosis.

@bennybear, I was sorry to hear about your DH's melanoma diagnosis  and hope he can have it treated soon.

@marshhawk,Ann,I loved your picture yesterday and showed it to Tana. Thanks.

@grapau27 ,Graham,  I hope the injection helps.

@mamaofami,Carol I hope you are still ok but sorry to hear about Sam and his aide.

So much going on.Please take care everyone. 




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Thank you Rich for the Daily Report, thank you Roy for the Cares and Celebration Report, and thank you Debbie for today's recipes. And thank you all for being here!


@rafinmd Happy Birthday!


- Jack

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Good morning from central Texas where it will be hot again today.


Fortunately, I'm not celebrating widows day, but hope all widows have a good day.  The other two days are good, but sometimes letting go is not easy.


The Heminway quote sounds like something he would say, but I don't necessarily agree with it.


The meal sounds good, but we'll pass on the drink and the wine.


We have not been to Jakarta.


@MISTER 67  Congratulations on shooting you age!

@grapau27  Graham, hope the shot helps and that it lasts a really long time.  The shots DH got in his hips worked very well.

@bennybear  Sorry about your DH's melanoma.  Hope it was caught early, and the doctors can get it all without any problems.

@mamaofami  Carol, I hope you continue to test negative and that Sam is feeling better.


I just had a call from DH.  The doctor had been in and DH will get another medicine,  probably by IV.  Physical therapy will come in for an evaluation.  After that,  he will be discharged.  I guess I better get ready and head out to the hospital.



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@Quartzsite Cruiser I hope that your DH is feeling better today.


@StLouisCruisers and @mamaofami I hope that your DH's are feeling better soon,  and that you will be reunited soon.


@bennybear Well wishes to you and your DH.  Praying that the surgery will be the cure all.


@dfish Thank you for today's recipes.  I like the cajun one too.   I've been meaning to ask, is the hair color still in, or has it grown out?  I was wondering if you were still "in color".


@richwmn I'm actually used to driving to Tampa, my dad lived there, and I was his care taker the last year of his life.  I would leave Atlanta around 4 am on Thursday morning, drive like a demon to get there around 1-2 pm. Get him to his dr's appointments on Fridays, spend Saturday with him, and then leave around 5 am on Sunday to drive back up to Atlanta, every two weeks. Be back at work on Monday.  But that was 20+ years ago, and I was younger, and it didn't hurt then to sit for 6-7 hours.  Trips these days are measured in length of time, and pain.  And darn, I'm not driving a new fast car anymore.🙀


I had to be Gumby again yesterday.  Starting with Theatre Under the Stars in Houston.  Trained yesterday afternoon via zoom, and calling starts today.



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Good rainy morning, it’s supposed to stop later this morning, then get sunny and humid for the weekend.

Yesterday I had my regular appointment with my Nurse Practitioner. All is stable, no change since my last visit. I explained to her about the issues with not getting results from Hershey and she was not happy. She found the MRI results and all was good.  I said no one has ever bothered to get an X-ray on my hand/ wrist , she took care of that. I had it done after the appointment, in the same building. She will get the results and let me know.  She also put me on a new pain medication and it really helped last night.

    Enough about all that.

 I hope everyone has a great day , Birthday wishes to @rafinmd and @VMax1700
@kazuso sorry about your phone and purse, I understand your frustration.

Blessings and prayers to all on our lists. ❤️🙏🎉

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Good morning to all the Dailyites.

Thank you for the lists to both Rich and Roy,

@rafinmd A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and I wish you many more.

@StLouisCruisersI am so sorry your DH is still in quarantine.  Prayers that this is over soon

@dfishthank you for the recipe.  It sounds good, but I am one to leave out the red pepper.  I hope your walking route is without barriers today.

@kazuI hope you can resolve your phone problems today.


Prayers for all widows.  Letting things go is a good practice but hard to do.  Pink day.  Someone referred to bullying.  I was thinking more along the line of Breast Cancer.

I am not sure of what to make of the quote.  Maybe “Ignorance is bliss” ?????

I have not been to the port.


Last night, while browsing the HAL board I came across a reference to a book called Cabin Fever  the story of the plight of the Zandam at the beginning of the Pandemic.   I bought it and have it on my nook.  Have read the first chapter so far.  Interesting reading.  


I hope everyone has a good day.  It is supposed to go up to 100 degrees here today.  Another day to stay inside.

Take care everyone and God Bless.



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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Another very quick post. Having coffee with “The Boys”.


Here are Quinn & Finn, who are keeping cool at my place, while their Mom is getting her new HVAC unit installed. Quinn, who is a bit harder to pick out is all black, sleek like a panther. His step-brother, Finn, is very looooooong, and white with black. They have really bonded with each other. 





Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone!



Te Mata 2019 Estate Vineyards Syrah (Hawke's Bay)

This New Zealand Syrah has excellent reviews from at least one expert as well as consumers. A bit elusive, it is available from a few online distributors with prices starting at $17.49.

Winemaker Notes

Deep, dark magenta, Estate Vineyards Syrah ’19 has an incredibly inviting fragrance of raspberry syrup, black cherry, plum and anise. Rich ripe fruit jumps out on the palate; a black-forest banquet of boysenberry, Turkish delight, lavender and nutmeg, with dark cocoa on the finish. The bright modern fruit expression of Estate Vineyards Syrah ’19 is balanced by savory spice and supple ripe tannin.

WE95 Wine Enthusiast
Te Mata's estate Syrah is once again a lucid, approachable beauty. This vintage is more layered than the previous one, unraveling flavors and textures. First bright cherry and plums, then graphite, savory herbs and floral aromas like herbs de Provence. In fact, there's a Southern French kitchen feel about this in general. The palate is linear and taut, with leathery tannins, crisp acidity and tart fruit. There's a savory edge to the finish. A serious yet highly drinkable Syrah, especially when paired with roast lamb. Editors' Choice
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Good morning, thanks for the Fleet Report and Daily!  Sending big hugs to all the widows I know; sadly there are many.  Letting it go is easier said than done.  I thought National Pink Day was a day to help eliminate bullying, but this one is just to appreciate the lighter shades of red!  Who knew?  I take exception to today's quote - I'm relatively intelligent, and I'm pretty happy. 


@rafinmdHappy Birthday to you with many returns of the day!!

@VMax1700 Happy Birthday to you as well - enjoy your day on that BHB!!

@StLouisCruisersI'm sorry DH failed the test today - is tomorrow day 10 for him so he'll get bailed out regardless of his status?

@Quartzsite Cruiserhopefully the new medicine will give your DH relief and you'll be able to bring him home later today.

@mamaofamiso sorry Sam and his aide have tested positive - keeping my fingers crossed that you stay healthy and can enjoy your birthday with others.


We had another rain last night - at least we were given good daytime heating and night time rain, so it will benefit the crops.  There's a severe thunderstorm forecast that just popped up on my phone, so we'll see what happens.  It sounds rather ominous "High risk for severe thunderstorms and a possible tornado risk" - yikes!  I'm sure it will amount to nothing, but here on the "frozen tundra" you just never know!


Well I don't get to claim princess status because I didn't get a crown yesterday - my dentist offered me the option of filling my tooth or putting in a crown.  I chose the less expensive option, but was told if this filling comes out, the next time it will have to be crowned.  I'm fine with that because I love my dentist - he treats me like gold because he knows what a chicken I am in the chair.  He's always reassuring me, checking to see how I'm doing, etc., which means a lot when you're a scaredy-cat.


Not a lot going on today; the city has lifted the no laundry/dishwasher request, so I guess that's what I'll be doing today.  I like today's menu suggestion, but we just had lemon shrimp pasta the other night, so will take a pass on it.  I've got some hamburger patties thawing in the fridge that - depending on the weather - will either be done on the barbecue or I can bring out the George Foreman and cook them there.  Burgers and a tossed salad will be what's on our table on the deck tonight.  And wine.


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Extra prayers for the people of Ukraine and all who are providing assistance to them.  We will salute all who make up the celebration list with our raised glasses tonight.  Stay well, get your boosters, wear masks when needed and be safe.


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂



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1 hour ago, VMax1700 said:

Happy Birthday Roy.  I am on a Dam ship on my birthday!



Well Colin, you get a birthday wish too. May your new year be filled with laughter, love, great health & a cruise or two. 



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My organization held its annual meeting on Tuesday, our first in-person meeting since 2019. It was a very happy meeting, partly because we started with a picnic in a tent -- most meetings are improved by food -- and partly because everyone was happy merely to be together again.


I'll pass on the meal suggestion but I think I would like the drink of the day, although maybe only once.


American has not cancelled my flight for January but is no longer taking bookings for it. Most of the alternatives they can offer have extremely tight connections and are from airports 100 miles away that have much worse winter weather, and I'm still inclined to cancel it and rebook on United or Delta. It's an award flight, so the miles can be refunded and then I'd have them to use to fly to Madrid or Barcelona for the Spanish Farewell in 2023.

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2 hours ago, VMax1700 said:

Happy Birthday Roy.  I am on a Dam ship on my birthday!


Is it today or sometime on your current cruise?



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@rafinmdHappy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!  🎂🍾. Thanks for recognizing the loss of "Goose" and Jaylon Ferguson. 


A beautiful day here but it will get into the 80s. I opened the loft windows and it was 63 degrees inside. Log cabin AC all charged up.  Fishing is in order for today with winds out of the south.


Thanks for the Daily Reports and prayers for all on the care list, those dealing with COVID and the people of Ukraine. Thanks to Poland for homing 4 million refugees. 

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Good morning. Thanks for the Daily/Fleet Report.

It's sad when anyone becomes a widow and I pray for comfort for them. I'm trying to let it go by decluttering. I like pink and have several pink shirts.

Disagree with the quote. I like the meal, but too carby for now. Pass on the drink. I like the wine.

I haven't been to Jakarta.


It will be nice here today. There were storms yesterday, but my area escaped without power outages or trees down. Today will be low 80's, less humid, and sunny. I'm heading out to the Ophthalmologist shortly for my uveitis check, and blood work. Then run a few errands.



@Quartzsite Cruiser Good to hear the steroids helped DH and he comes home today.

@mamaofami Sorry to hear Sam and the aide have tested positive. I hope the rest of the family stays ok and your test is negative.

@Cruzin Terri I hope the lower dose of Prednisone works out.

@bennybear Oh no on DH's melanoma diagnosis. Prayers for a successful surgery.

@StLouisCruisers Prayers for a negative test for DH tomorrow. Good news about Buddy, and I hope they can get some increased nutrition for him. Happy Birthday to your DD tomorrow.

@smitty34877 I hope Tana is doing a bit better today. 

@grapau27 Praying the steroid shot helps. That's pretty warm in your area.


Prayers for the Care List and Cheers for the Celebration List.

Stay safe everyone and wear your mask when needed.

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3 hours ago, dfish said:

Good morning, everyone!   


It has cooled down quite a bit here in northeast Ohio.  It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day with moderated temperatures - a great day for a walk.  I just have to go in a new direction!   So, I have my walk this morning, a follow up appointment with the surgeon, a hair appointment and the pool this afternoon.  I think that will keep me busy and out of trouble.  


Today's meal would be a good one for a cooler day.  While spicy is in the name,  you can regulate the heat by how much red pepper you put in.  Want no heat?  Leave the pepper out.  There is spicy and there is spicy.  Some spicy isn't hot, just flavorful.   Our first recipe today comes from Taste of Home and gives a basic framework.  https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/spicy-shrimp-penne-pasta/




This next one is parmesan garlic based rather than tomato based.  https://damndelicious.net/2014/01/15/spicy-parmesan-shrimp-pasta/




Now we have a melding of the two with a garlic tomato sauce.   https://juliasalbum.com/spicy-shrimp-pasta-in-garlic-tomato-cream-sauce-recipe/




While this next one says it has a spicy tomato sauce, it doesn't come from red pepper.  Rather it is the spice blend that is used and it sounds quite nice!  https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/penne-shrimp-and-spicy-tomato-sauce




This last one is a cajun inspired dish.  I think this would be my choice.   https://selfproclaimedfoodie.com/cajun-shrimp-pasta/




Prayers for those who need them, especially Ukraine, the victims of gun violence, and our Daily family members struggling with challenges.  Special prayers go out to Tana, Curt, @Quartzsite Cruiser's DH, Buddy,  @Heartgrove's DB, 

and other Daily family members dealing with Covid.  Let this scourge be gone.  Cheers to those who are celebrating.   Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Debbie, you outdid yourself with those recipies. Every one of them looks fantastic!

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